Cecil the Lion- most searched on google


VegNews reported that Cecil The Lion was the most searched trend in 2015. This is definitely expected as Cecil has truly woke the world up to the cruelty of trophy hunting.

Through the death of Cecil, laws like the Cecil act was created and received a lot of support, airlines stopped transporting trophies due to the overwhelming amount of signatures received and thousands of artwork were created and shared over the internet from tribute videos, Tshirts, paintings and poetry. There is also word that a rally will be happening July 2016 in honor of Cecil to raise awareness of trophy hunting and canned lions.

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Cecil has truly transformed the world on the topic of wildlife protection. Let’s do all we can to ensure Cecil’s roar endures into the 2016 year and beyond!

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4 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion- most searched on google

  1. we can’t do enough to keep signing, talking, getting the word out . if we keep doing this, the more people we get to join us for the animals. one day with stiffer laws, no trophy hunting, no canned hunting . we win little by little


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