Swarovski Plans To Cash In On Death of Cecil The Lion


Our community member has reported to us that Swarovski is planning on cashing in on the recent surge of interest in lions and wildlife due to the death of Cecil the Lion by making the lion as part of their 2016 collection.

swarovski cecil2

While the lion on display is called Akili the lion, the lion figurine resembles a lot like Cecil with the black mane and they are clearly riding on the hype and publicity on lion that people are talking about. Currently the lion figurine is on sale for $499.00. We were hoping that Swarovski would be donating a part of that $499 pie to a charity like Big Cat Rescue, International Anti-Poaching Foundation, Campaign Against Canned Hunting, Cecil2016 or even the controversial WildCRU… but NO WHERE are the mentioning that that any amount of the money will be going to any charity. 

Word from our Sponsors

phone case

It is rather disgusting to see that luxury brands are jumping onto the Cecil bandwagon and milking Cecil for profit. Did Cecil die to make luxury brands rich? Did Cecil die to allow the wealthy have more trophies (crystal or real) hung in their home? Is the animal lover community going to let them trample over all of us?

With Cecil being one of the most searched topics in 2015, there are many greedy corporations looking to cash in on this tragedy without giving back from halloween costumes to plush toys. Help stand up for Cecil’s legacy and spread the word.

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7 thoughts on “Swarovski Plans To Cash In On Death of Cecil The Lion

  1. Needs a petition, but there are so many petitions that people are getting petition fatigued. They SHOULD be putting some of their profits towards a Lion charity, that would also be big tick for them. But I doubt if they will!

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  3. I can not believe your company is trying to use Cecil and his Cubs and his lioness to make money and not offer to donate part of it to a wildlife organization. I was a client, but not any more


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