Indonesian Navy Means Business When It Comes To Stopping Poaching


Indonesia truly means business when it comes to protecting the precious marine life off their coast as 10 illegal poaching ships were blown by the navy. Antaranews from Jakarta reported that Indonesia has a taskforce for the eradication of illegal fishing. They truly are taking a very active stance to show the world that they will not be easy on poaching.

boom boat

This ministry has over 31 patrol boats commissioned and has detained 177 poaching boats and 107 sunk. 103 were foreign fishing boats.

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Is it time for the African countries to do the same? The reason why poachers still kill animals because the governments are still easy with them. Imagine if all governments were to take Indonesia’s lead, how quickly would poaching come to an end? But how practical is this? We know it will most likely be a fantasy as most governments are in bed with hunting groups. It is good to know that there are some countries that are standing firm against poaching.

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One thought on “Indonesian Navy Means Business When It Comes To Stopping Poaching

  1. the hope of a truly understood ‘conservation’ will only be achieved when laws are passed and promptly enforced.rill
    hunting groups must admit their faults in fostering a culture that has loosely allowed ‘thrill seekers’ to join in the ‘fun’.
    cultural anecdotal superstitions have no place in the order of t hings.
    the sad and ineffective praooctice of harvesting animal parts to perform ‘healings or medicines’ is altogether a falsehood of lore,
    unfortunately there are capvtive animals from which medicines are derived (bears in captivity for their bile production) and a list of many many others.

    let this be known also, there are universitiesin the u.s. and canada who commonly support and discretely purchase animals for ‘testing’ and ‘learning’ from labs some of which are nothing more than a horror shop.

    the biggest problem is to believe that these creatures have no soul, and that christian rhetoric has o.k.,’d the whole of ‘its all for humans to do as they wish to do’…after all these creatures cant speak for themselves.

    it goes further than just christianity, it extends itself to any ‘religion’ that ‘celebrates with a feast’.
    more often than not the basis for any ‘sacrifice’ was to show the loss and willingness to accept the loss of an animal that was in some way or form beneficial to the keepers themselves.

    today the perversion and (thats putting it lightly) production’ of livestock is indicative of a willingness to ignore the obvious orgy of ‘eating another being’ as science has shown over and over that the food pyramid in the west was all about the cattle men and their interests.

    if one looks no further than dairy cattle facilities they’d realise the ‘tick-tock’ mathematical arrangement of production and the inherent sufferage these animals experience daily untill they are dragged to the slaughter….read hamburger.

    so for the masses its all done in ‘farms and facilities they never get to see thenmselves’ and the more enthused take matters into their own capable hands….hunting for sustenance or rather hunting to get their ‘kicks’.
    understand that i do eat meat and realise that it dont grow on trees, in fact it takes alot of land water and energy to produce meat which in itself is a n ennvironmental problem.

    but when governments like canada’s under the likes of former p.m. Harper (one of the most disliked p.m.’s to be voted out) can assure that a problematic condition that supports oil/gas and livestock can be fixed by ‘expansionism’ the likes of which take federal ministers like gary ritz go on ‘trade missions’ to promote pork to the chineese….weil the wholesale attrocities get intensified.

    ideally people need to refrain or cut back and send a message to their own kind that ‘meat is murder’ and the justifications for the level of consumption are a doing all our own.


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