WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) SUPPORTS Trophy Hunting


A shocking comment made by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has angered the animal lover community. The UK branch says that some animals must die in order the other animals can live. is this rather ridiculous? wtf

Do you believe that corporate money is needed to support conservation and research efforts? Many have argued that most money from trophy barely made it to the local communities that provide rangers and conservation scientists.

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Some animal lovers are spotted cutting up their WWF credit cards in response to WWF’s comments.




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12 thoughts on “WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) SUPPORTS Trophy Hunting

  1. WWF was founded by trophy hunters. Prince Philip, who was an avid hunter and shooter, shot tigers and a rhino in the early 1960s. Apparently the logo of WWF is the panda, the only creature that Philip has never shot. Apparently he still attends shoots. The royals are avid animal and wildlife killers. The Queen is patron of the RSPCA but despite appeals to the society to get her removed, the charity says the royal patronage brings in money. I wonder how much she donates herself?


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  2. This is why the atrocities continue. All groups that claim to be animal’s advocates should be working together to stop the madness not encourage it!!!

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  3. this is not the first time I’ve heard bad new about the WWF. I had hoped I was wrong, but I guess it’s all true-in the end. They really are an organization, profitting off of animals and all of the people who want to protect them. I guess it’s time to toss them out once and for all. Thank God there are people like you who do the research we all need.

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  4. So, the WWF was started by trophy hunters, of which the Royals belonged to. That disappoints me a great deal. For some reason I never put them with wildlife killers. I thought they’d be too civilized or caring about inflicting pain on an animal. Wrong once again.

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    • Yes. It came out after Cecil was killed. There have been several Petitions asking them to stop supporting Trophy Hunters, and their replies back have been published. They are quite arrogant and say they are sorry “you are no longer supporting WWF”. If you watch the animal links, sites, & news you will see a lot about WWF. I am talking of the International Org. Glad you heard.


  5. Ii dont agree with pictures of hunters with their kills but controlled culling has to take place although I would prefer it to be undertaken by Rangers not forr sport and I cannot agree with the WWF supporting trophy hunting


    • We’re agains HUNTING totally, what’s the dif.?,don’t be GULLIBLE! like 99% of this world, show some ability to think on your own,not swallow the SOB hunters propoganda,they need to be exterminated!

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