Rhino Calves: Life with Mother and the Herd, Plus Thembi Turns One Year Old

This first video presents more information about life for young white rhino calves with mother and the rest of the herd (or “crash” as a group of rhino is also called). Excerpt from the original video description:

Rhino calves stand up within one hour, immediately attempting to suckle and the Mother and calf become inseparable for 3 years. Rhinos can be very social animals and are extremely protective of one another especially their young… Rhinos can also be quite verbal with one another, communicating with different grunts, snorts and squeals.


In other news, rhino calf Thembi, who was born to poaching survivor Thandi, turned one year old this week. Happy Birthday Thembi!

This video is a wonderful and emotional trip down memory lane with Thandi and Thembi. It brings back to the surface the horror of Thandi’s brutal attack, her courageous fight for survival and finally the joy of Thembi’s birth – quickly tainted with the knowledge that this beautiful rhino calf lives in a world where the future of her species is uncertain.

Situated in the Eastern Cape, South Africa Kariega Game Reserve spans across 10,000 hectares of pristine wilderness, and is home to the famous Big 5, zebra, giraffe, hippo, multiple species of antelope and an abundance of birdlife. Kariega is a family-owned and operated private game reserve, giving it a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


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