Cecil’s Hunter In Limbo- Jan update


legal limbo

Life must be hell for the hunter of Cecil the Lion as he remains in legal limbo with his court case being inconclusive and postponed to march. Theo is still not allowed to continue his lifestyle and is likely going broke. imagine how hard it is to be unemployed for a few months. We know that for every month his safari business is down, hundreds of animals are spared. While he tried bribing his way out and tried smuggling, his poor reputation has led to the police sending spies after him to ensure he is complying with his court orders.

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heart for cecil

Bronkhorst has to report to the authorities every two weeks and be interrogated about his activities. Not feeling so lucky anymore now that you’re jobless.



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17 thoughts on “Cecil’s Hunter In Limbo- Jan update

  1. why don’t they prosecute them?????? is this a matter of money being paid to prevent a trial?????? WTF??????? Did everyone just forget??? is it just a matter of lashing out during the heat of the moment and then doing and saying nothing??? is that what authorities is all about?… did everybody just forget… or don’t care???


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