Ranger Killed In Line of Duty


Democratic Republic of Congo- Another animal hero has been killed this week. Sebinyenzi (Seb) died protecting Virunga Park. Seb has been serving for over 20 years and has seen many colleagues kileld by poachers. Seb is aware of the risks involved with this job and insists on protecting them because it is worth protecting.

Ranger Seb Portrait

This gives us more reasons why we need to rally this July at Cecil2016 to protest the ongoing trophy hunt and PUSH FOR CECIL ACT to be signed. Not only are animals are dying, poachers are going as far as taking another human’s life to get their pockets lined selling ill gotten goods. Seb leaves behind his wife, Jeaninne and eight children ages 2 to 16.

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4 thoughts on “Ranger Killed In Line of Duty

  1. This is such a tragedy and so senseless and cruel. Seb was trying to protect the animals from poachers and he was murdered for doing his job. The world should know about this.

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