New Auction of ‘Canned’ Lions/Big Cats in South Africa

“‘Canned’ Industry, Deceit, Intimidation and Threats,” IWB, 20 February 2016

“Olivia 2016 Lion Auction” Video, Vleissentraal (Auctioneers), 3 February 2016

61 Canned Lions Auctioned,” Campaign Against Canned Hunting, 22 February 2016

 Bloemfontein Auction

Vleissentraal Auction Results, 17 February 2016

PDF of Auction Results: “Statistieke Olive Private Game Reserve Leeuveiling 2016

21 male lions (including two 6 week old cubs), 38 female lions and 2 leopards sold, raising a “turnover” of  2,081,400 ZAR (£95,290, or $133,536 USD)

Top price – 3.5 year old male brown lion – 98,000 ZAR (£4,500 GBP, or $6,300 USD)

Lion cub – 13,500 ZAR (£620 GBP, or $870 USD)

Leopard – 58,000 ZAR (£2,650, or $3,720 USD)

According to Activists for Animals South Africa the lion auction was attended by:

Notable amongst those reportedly rubbing shoulders at the auction, were:  Kobus Van der Westhuizen of Letsatsi La Afrika, a controversial predator trader and lion-bone exporter,  Casper van der Merwe of Paemenons Safaris, a North West lion hunting-outfitter Bethlehem lion breeder and trader Maryn Prinsloo, Marius Prinsloo, her former lion-farmer husband ,who arrived separately. Free State game-breeder and hunting outfitter, Marnus Steyl, who was charged for his role in the Chumlong Lemtongthai pseudo-rhino-hunting scam in North West Province.“……….Not a pleasant sounding bunch in my opinion.


“One potential buyer who asked not to be named, told the CACH that he previewed some of the animals before the auction……”

Some of the lions we were shown appeared to have physical defects, genetically speaking,” he added, “and there was no way of checking the lineage of the stock. The terms and conditions set out by the auction house were loaded in the sellers’ favour.”

Judge for yourself: Undercover video footage of Olivia Game Lodge lion auction ‘stock



News Coverage (in Afrikaans, rough translation being sought) from Ban Animal Trading’s (BAT’s) Protest at the Olivia Game Lodge’s Lion Auction, 17 February 2016

Olivia Game Lodge Auction

Vleisssentraal were the auctioneers at yesterday’s Olivia Game Lodge lion auction. Ban Animal Trading (BAT) report that they were allowed to entered the premises, but once they reached the venue of the auction, BAT members were aggressively chased off the property by men who verbally abused and manhandled them.

If the people involved in the auction treat five women with such aggression and disrespect, we have to wonder how the defenceless animals they exploit are being treated?” – BAT, 17 February 2016

Footage taken on BAT members’ phones was reportedly deleted and a BAT car was rammed whilst outside Olivia Game Lodge by a person associated with the lodge, but thankfully the local police (SAPS) managed to restore peace.

Olivia Game Lodge_2

BAT was astonished by a number of the potential buyers that entered the property and BAT “will update with more information on these potential buyers once our information has been verified. The buyers chose to leave the property via another entrance, seemingly intimidated by a group of 12 protestors, most of whom were women.”

A big thank you to all our supporters. Our protests will not bring about change overnight but they do create awareness around these activities and expose the people and organisations involved, which is the first step toward bringing this to an end.” BAT, 17 February 2016

Team BAT
Compassion in Action



Update  17 February 2016 – Ban Animal Trading (BAT) protesting at today’s lion auction


We are awaiting confirmation, but sources indicate that an auction of ‘canned’ big cats (potentially including CITES Appendix I protected tigers in their ‘stock’) at Olivia Game Lodge is being planned for 17 February 2016.

The above image is in Afrikaans, but clearly indicates an auction, or “veiling” – “jong leeu” is a young lion, “groot leeu” – large lion…..

It appears there are 60 lions for auction – 43 lions/lionesses and 17 cubs” according to a translation seen, but no tigers or leopards being auctioned (yet). Who will buy and where will these creatures end up? What fate awaits them?

Olivia Game Lodge is a “private game reserve” (bow hunting catered for) located some 35km (22 miles) from Bloemfontein towards Johannesburg, South Africa. I suspect, Olivia Game Lodge needs the income and will not be too ‘caring’ where/who their ‘product’ is sold to.

Is this an indication of how desperate these ‘canned’ farms are to survive in a market where demand for their dubious ‘services’ is declining? Is this South Africa (SA) and how it manages/treats animals within its jurisdiction?

The animals held captive and ‘bred for the bullet’ are the main concern – but the ‘canned’ industry itself, the SA authorities and hunting associations that promote and support it are the ones to blame for the sad plight and embarrassment to humanity these ‘canned’ farms represent.

Update: Sanctuary and rescue of the captive animals could be sought, however many sanctuaries are fully stretched with regard to resources available. Plus, conservationists ‘buying’ the ‘captives’ could encourage the ‘canned’ breeding of big cats by these ‘farms’ to exploit the emotional blackmail as another potential revenue stream?  Is the only answer to force such ‘canned’ farms into liquidation with no ‘get-out’ market available, no matter how painful that is for us to see?


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