Owner Of Abused Husky Dog May Face $75k Fine and Jail Time For Two Years

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A university student in his 20s is being charged with animal cruelty for starving a husky dog. Look at the dog in this picture. can you believe that someone would do such a thing to a cute husky dog? Apparently this guy did and should be be charged with animal cruelty, he could face 2 years in jail and a fine of up to 75k. On top of that he will be banned from owning pets for the rest of his life. Let’s hope that will happen.
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Willo the husky was found wandering the streets of a run down part of down looking bone thin and weighing only 15kg. Experts say dogs of her size should weigh 24kg. The SPCA’s Lorie Chortyk said that “She was assessed with a score of ‘one’ on the canine body conditioning scale of one to nine, meaning that she was severely malnourished,When she first came in she was unable to lie down due to abdominal pain caused by rocks and soil in her gastrointestinal tract. There were no food remnants in her stomach so it’s likely that she had been eating gravel to try to stay alive. She also had trouble walking because her muscles were so weak.”

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Willow was nurished back to health and was adopted to a forever home march 2015 and is looking more healthy and happy.


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26 thoughts on “Owner Of Abused Husky Dog May Face $75k Fine and Jail Time For Two Years

    • Absolutely! He belongs in a mental institution for life. What happens if he comes out of jail and adopts another pet and starves him or her like this beautiful husky. This man should be branded for life and not be allowed to have another dog or cat or even a snake!!!

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      • Nickie…what makes think he got jail or any punishment? Do you know if he got any punishment? How bout his name?


  1. That sentence sits good with me, though I’d like to see more jail time added on. It’s about damn time that the authorities are moving towards more of a ‘0 TOLERANCE’ attitude for animal cruelty offenders. I also definitely agree with him being banned from owning anymore pets–he is a threat to animals and I’m sure public safety as well! He needs to be removed from society, the last thing we need is pos trash like this!!


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  4. That boy needs to be severely punished to the max. He had no right to do what he did. For a college student what did he take up in that school how to abuse 101 what a low down dirty rotten piece of poop


  5. Two years does not seem long enough for doing such a wicked thing to an innocent creature. Although saying that, i am glad the penalties at least start to represent what is required and hopefully deter the evil people that do this sort of thing and expect to get away with such atrocities.


  6. Two years is not long enough!!!
    If this had been done to a child… What would be the outcome? Is the crime really any different or any less heinous because he perpetrated it on a dog. No!! I hope the owner never sees the light of day. He will be no less dangerous when he gets out in 2 yrs.


  7. This is still too good for him, for what he put that poor dog through. These animal abusers need to be punished to the max. Animal abuse needs to stop now!!!!!


  8. He should go to jail and not be fed that dog is beautiful no thanks to him Thank God she was found and adopted out


  9. Piece of crap needs to be starved himself! 2 years is not long enough! I am sick, tired and disgusted about sharing Air with Assholes like this who are pure evil! They will never change!


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