A Battle Call For All Animal Lovers In Vegas


The Worldwide Rally For Cecil honors the brutal death of Cecil the lion and educates on trophy hunting.

Las Vegas, NV – On Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 10:00 AM a group of concerned animal advocates organized by the nonprofit CompassionWorks International (CWI) will converge on Mandalay Bay to educate the public about trophy hunting. The rally coincides with the annual conference of Safari Club International (SCI), a pro-trophy hunting organization, which is being held at Mandalay Bay. Individuals from all over the country will come together to protest the SCI convention and shine a light on the brutal and immoral practice of trophy hunting.

The Las Vegas event is part of the Worldwide Rally For Cecil, an anti-trophy hunting campagin, which is being held in over 30 cities across 18 states and 6 countries including Ireland, Australia, Colombia and Serbia. The Worldwide Rally For Cecil is named for and held in honor of Cecil the lion, a protected and collared lion who was lured out of a national park and mercilessly shot with a bow by a Minnesota-based dentist last summer. Cecil was then stalked for 40 hours while injured and bleeding before being killed with a rifle and beheaded. His death created a worldwide outrage.

LA rally

“We believe it is important to expose the truth about what trophy hunting is,” says Carrie LeBlanc, Executive Director of CWI. “The senseless killing of wildlife with the intent to cut off their heads or other body parts for exhibition as “trophies” or to “gain points” on some sadistic scorecard is NOT a sport. It is the pointless and selfish killing of another being, including endangered species, for entertainment and vanity.”

Following the death of Cecil last summer, there is a growing movement to end the ability for trophy hunters to import their kills into the U.S. Several airlines including American Airlines, Delta, and United have all taken steps to prohibit the transporting of animal parts into the U.S. In December, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reclassified African lions under the Endangered Species Act, which will greatly curb the ability of trophy hunters to import the body parts of trophy-hunted animals into the U.S. CompassionWorks International and the Worldwide Rally For Cecil also support the CECIL (Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies) Act, which would extend the import- and export-related provision of the Endangered Species Act to all species proposed for listing as threatened or endangered under that Act. As our populations of wild animals decline around the world, responsible conservation and anti-poaching efforts must be immediately enacted in order to save our precious elephants, lions, tigers, and other wild beings.

Ms. LeBlanc states, “The slaughter of other living beings for the purpose of entertainment is archaic, cruel, and must end. It is irrational to believe that the killing of wildlife is a reasonable approach to conservation. We call on MGM Resorts International and Mandalay Bay to end its relationship with Safari Club International. It is time MGM, well-known in Las Vegas for supporting animal captivity, joined the right side of history on issues related to animals. Until they do, we ask residents and visitors of Las Vegas to join our Rally and to boycott all MGM properties.”

LeBlanc is the executive director of CompassionWorks International, the only international nonprofit animal advocacy organization headquartered in Nevada. CWI has facilitated hundreds of animal advocacy demonstrations focused on ending animal captivity and cruelty since its founding in 2013. All likeminded individuals are invited to join the peaceful, educational demonstrations that will take place at Mandalay Bay February 3rd through February 5th as well as the Worldwide Rally For Cecil on Saturday, February 6th. More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1484674481856985/

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3 thoughts on “A Battle Call For All Animal Lovers In Vegas

  1. Friends here in the UK wish we could be with you in person but know that in our hearts and minds we stand united in the efforts to bring an end to the murdering of all animals in the name of Trophy or sport killings. And yes Sharon, they are to me also,just extremely rich “poachers” who have nothing better to do with their money and time.


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