BREAKING: Hunters Convention Interrupted By Animal Lovers

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This weekend SCI is putting on one of their biggest conventions at Vegas drawing in hunters from all over the world featuring hunting gears, taxidermy services and 600 permits to kill animals from 30 countries.

While the world thought the hunters would have their safari convention unopposed, a coalition of animal rights activist rallied outside the Mandalay Bay hotel Thursday to be a voice of reason exposing the lies SCI is telling the world.

LA rally

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The Humane Society was present avenging the death of the beloved Cecil the Lion killed by dentist Walter Palmer. Wendy Keefover from the Humane Society stated that “The outcry of Cecil has galvanized people around the world, and people are starting to understand how disgusting this practice is.” Another protester, Carrie LeBlanc, with Compassion Works International stated that hunting is a “ridiculous waste of life” especially against endangered species.

Brave group of people indeed!

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The protesters are dedicated to rallying outside the whole this until this Saturday when they launch their multi site rally with 30 cities across the country.

The death of Cecil the lion has truly awaken animal lovers and started a wave of grassroot movement calling for justice and fairness for treatment of animals. With ralles like the March for Cecil this weekend and the DC rally with 20,000 people, Cecil2016, let’s hope all of these waves will bring about change.


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13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Hunters Convention Interrupted By Animal Lovers

  1. I wish I could have joined them. We will never forget Cecil. These trophy hunters are no different to the poachers. They are all evil monsters taking the lives of innocent creatures for fun. The animals they murder have their own right to exist. We will be with these protesters in spirit.

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  2. National Geographic and many other news feeds negatively reporting on SCI’s “Ultimate Hunters’ Market (TM)”…..

    “What SCI won’t be telling its membership is that most American’s would rather celebrate these animals alive than dead. A recent nationwide poll by HBO Real Sports and Marist Poll showed that 86% of Americans disapprove of big game hunting and 62% favor banning the practice” – Huffington Post, 2 February 2016


  3. Every animal has as much right to life as our species do. Hunters have a sick egotistical mind set that this makes them appear more macho. It just shows their total lack of compassion and feeling for other living beings.


  4. It’s extremely difficult for normal people to understand the driven narcissism of those who derive pleasure from killing, whether the victims are animals or people. It is almost certain that the killers attending this SCI event look at people like William Bonin and Ted Bundy with disdain, giving no thought to the scientific evidence that they share precisely similar character defects and have no grounds for feeling in anyway superior. There will come a time when these depraved exhibitions are discontinues. Already, the vast majority of people of conscience deplore the depravity of this group and there is world-wide anger that the Mandalay Bay Hotel should feel comfortable by trading the hastened extinction of endangered species for a few extra dollars. Visitors to Las Vegas who have any compassion for animals, should boycott this unethical business.


  5. Leaving for Las Vegas next week- chose not to stay at Mandalay Bay Hotel because of this and will not visit there hotel or casino, they do not need my money.


  6. THANK YOU, to all of you who were there! I wish the numbers had been a whole lot bigger… if enough people had come it could have been a complete shut down! The estimate of 20,000 hunters at this convention is a wake-up call to all of us. There are lots of them. Time for us to UPRISE and ROAR LOUDER!


  7. i wish people were not called “Animal Lovers ” the Convention of Animal Killers and Massacrers is the problem . This head line should say ” Wildlife Massacring Sadists Cult , Corpse Collecting Convention was interrupted by people who are concerned about wealthy Americans Massacring wildlife into Extinction. In one generation they have caused wildlife mass extinction in poor unprotected countries. This is the shame of the USA and the majority of people in the America and the world want this stopping “.
    The people killing are the social misfits not the protesters
    Until we define ourselves as inclusive instead of exclusive we will never defeat this evil massacring cult of wealthy entitled white people destroying other people’s countries for vanity …


  8. Scientists agree the world is in the midst of the 6th great extinction. Our grandchildren may not live to see lions or elephants except in zoos. The mighty trophy hunter era has ended. Its time is past, gone the way of the Titanic. It’s a new age with a greater understanding of limited resources and limited wildlife on a struggling planet. Put down the guns. Pick up your cameras.


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