Global March for Cecil Kicks Off Part I

cecil2016 red banner

Tomorrow marks one of the biggest united calls for justice for Cecil as animal lovers are gathering world wide to show their anger toward the government’s inactions at stopping trophy hunting.

Over the last few days, activists from Las Vegas have been stirring up waves outside the hunter’s convention. Their group of protesters are growing every day this week

Friday night rally.2.2016.JPEG

Group at friday’s protest with people from Born Free, Compassion Works International and  Humane Society.


Word from our Sponsors20k strong

Sydney leads the way at the global march for Cecil hosting their rally while most of the USA is still asleep the night before the big day.

The rally is being held later today in states all over the U.S. , inc CA, FL, IL, MA, NY, MO, TN, and many more. The rallies are also being held in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, England, Germany, and Serbia. Cities include San Francisco, Sydney,Toronto, Kansas City, Greenville, Knoxville, Miami, Manchester, Berrien County, Vegas, Charlotte and many more!

More pictures to come!

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