This Guy Risked His Life Going Undercover To Spy On The Hunters At Vegas TO FIND SOMETHING SHOCKING

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While many animal lovers are protesting the hunters convention at Vegas, one brave man went undercover to spy on the hunters from the inside. Below is his report shared on social media. If you want to read more please visit Martyn Stewart’s Faecbook.



I went undercover for a couple of days at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas to attend the 2016 Safari club international conference. I rubbed shoulder to shoulder with some of the most vicious and notorious hunters on the planet.

I laughed and joked with them and became them for the duration.
There is no way you can defeat these people unless you know what makes them tick.. so sleeping with the enemy so to speak is essential in life….

Last night (Friday) I attended the auction that included the selling off of animals lives to the auctioneers hammer. the first item on the agenda was a bear hunt in Alaska.
5k turned to 15k then quickly up to 20k, then 50k, 60k, 80k and finally ended with the winner bidding 90,000 USD… I was gobsmacked, after 5 items offered in the space of 30 minutes, over $200,000 was raised to kill animals in the USA, Africa and Asia.
I left the room with a sick feeling in my stomach, On my return today i learnt that over 100 million dollars had been raised to kill animals for fun….
I will write a long long story on my experiences once i can process what i have just taken in.

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The biggest thing i took from my time amongst these psychopaths is there is an assault far greater than you believe on mother earth on its fauna and precious animals.
It’s not just about a small corner of Japan or the plains of Africa and its magnificent animals under threat, there is a growing need to kill amongst human beings with nothing else on their mind but spilling blood on the earth at the expense of its beautiful animals.
The time to wake up is now, you need to understand that we cannot replace these critters once they have gone.

there is no supermarket where we can replenish our earth.
We need to stand up taller than ever before and start with what you do in your own lives including your choice of food…


Word from our Sponsors

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Our argument is far stronger if we walk the walk and talk the talk…
I stay on Facebook because i believe in social media telling our story because there is no news outlet that cares unless you have a bad hair day and ban muslims from the borders.
Without the animals i am nothing, there is no place on earth for me if we loose the….
I ask you to shout as loud as you can for the voiceless.

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Cecil the lion woke many people up to these barbaric perverts, the next Cecil happened today and will happen tomorrow..
It IS in our own hands to stop this………


Very brave work Martyn, it is important that we get some insider info on how hunters behave.



Martyn Stewart’s Faecbook

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8 thoughts on “This Guy Risked His Life Going Undercover To Spy On The Hunters At Vegas TO FIND SOMETHING SHOCKING

  1. Thank you for sharing Martyn your brave inside report – I will await your full report from within SCI’s “Ultimate Hunters’ Market.” The money hunters will spend to meet their ‘need’ to kill is astonishing. The mask of delusion the Trophy Hunter wears, that it’s all for the benefit of ‘conservation’ (with scant, independent scientific evidence to back any of it) must be a lie that this on-going mass slaughter can not sustain in any sane person’s view – in the absence of any independently verifiable data, the need to kill can be the Trophy Hunters’ only true motivation.

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  2. Well done Martyn. This exposes not only the so called hunters, but the Mandalay Bay Hotel that is prepared to contribute to the extinction of highly endangered species just to pocket a few dollars. This is a hotel that people of conscience around the world will wish to avoid. Given that something like 85% of the populations of the developed world are against this vile practice, that adds up to a lot of people recognising the depravity of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in particular and MGM in general

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