BREAKING: Animal Activists BRUTALLY Injured And STRIPPED While Protesting at France’s Bull Fighting Event

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This week, a large crowd of animal lovers protested at France’s bull fighting rodeo event. At the moment they were about to call the bull out, the animal activists scaled the railing and chained themselves to the centre of the ring. Pro bull fighters jumped in and harassed the animal lovers for a whole 20 minutes punching and kicking the peaceful activists. one activist has her clothes stripped and her undergarments ripped off by a pro bull fighters.

1 lock


A group of animal lovers prepared signs to show the world the horrors of bull fighting. 2 signs

Protesters jumped the fence.3 jumping fence

Met at the centre and were attacked by pro bull fighters with water and tear gas. 4 animal activists ring

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20k strong

One of the pro-bull fighters proceeded to punching the protesters5 Punch1

Others joined in kicking the protesters6 kick

This guy in white proceeded to grabbing a hose and spraing this elderly protester7 white shirt guy 2

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20k strong

and proceeded to punching him. 7 white shirt guy 3

he harasses more protesters7 white shirt guy

This pro bull fighter strips one of the protesters

8 pull dress off

And later pulls her bra straps off which is a rape offence

9 pull bra straps

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13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Animal Activists BRUTALLY Injured And STRIPPED While Protesting at France’s Bull Fighting Event

  1. Humans are aggressive animals, destructive each to other and to all rest animal species. Exceptions confirm this.
    The aggressive masses, the crowd and the extremely small number of conscious, schools and religions educate people to be more aggressive than they were at birth.Evidences are everywhere. In this article is one example.


  2. They didn’t have to do this! We already know they are morally unevolved morons.

    Well done to the activists who now have evidence that those who watch animals being tortured are psychopaths and a danger to society. The police need to act on this!

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    • These protesters are magnificent! BRAVO! It is amazing that all around the world, in France, Spain, Columbia, Peru and Mexico more and more of the younger generation are saying no more torture for tradition. And we oldies say thank goodness and back you, and are writing and emailing and taking part in what ever way we can. BRAVO!!! It will end!


  3. Anyone who would defend an animal from the brutal heartless torture at the hands of another human being should be held as a hero. These people were protesting in peace…this is proof that humans who inflict pain, torture or kill an animal will undoubtedly turn on another human being. Hurting a defenseless animal speaks volumes about the character of a person…it means they are a total peace of shit & I for one would not want them in my life or anywhere near my family!

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  4. all you are hero defending and protesting against these perverted called “games”! I am with you! One day the world will be different thank’s to people like you … we …


  5. This makes me physically sick. Anyone who abuses animals in my eyes deserves the same thing done to them. They are so brave.. You think.. Let’s let the abused animals loose on them for a few minutes. I love it when I see bull fighters being gored by the bull. I love seeing lions, tigers elephants ETC getting the better of the hunters. Unfortunately they have little chance against the EVIL human


  6. Je vis en France, dans le Sud-Ouest ou la “tradition” de la corrida est très présente. Je déteste la corrida et ses “aficionados”. Les journaux locaux en parle comme d’un “sport noble”. Je ne sais combien d’années il nous faudra pour interdire cette pratique barbare. Le pire dans les corridas sont les novilladas ou se sont des débutants qui sont dans l’arène, la plupart du temps, c’est une véritable boucherie.

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  7. It is surprising how such barbarism is still tolerated in a so-called civilised country. In India, which gave the world the word Ahimsa or non-violence over 2600 years ago, there are people like this who still want to burn widows; marry their children before they even attain puberty and think that jallikattu – bullfighting – is something to be proud of.
    The Animal Welfare Board of India is a statutory body formed under an Act of Parliament in 1962. For over 50 years this unique Government Body has been the voice of the voiceless but have recently come under tremendous pressure from the ruling party and almost all political parties for its principled stand against bullfighting – a barbaric event ruled illegal by our Supreme Court in May 2014. The silent majority, unfortunately, stands by but we will fight on till this atrocity is stopped.

    S. Chinny Krishna
    Vice Chairman
    Animal Welfare Board of India
    Ministry of Environment & Forests & Climate Change
    Government of India


  8. I watched the video and wondered, where are the law enforcement officers during the entire incident? I salute all the people protesting AND peacefully, too ~ God bless them! As one of the commentors, Marguerite Sommers, said, “this is proof that humans who inflict pain, torture or kill an animal will undoubtedly turn on another human being. Hurting a defenseless animal speaks volumes about the character of a person.” In other words, this whole scene proved just that ~ those who hurt animals, like bullfighters, would not think twice to also hurt human beings given the chance. Those humans hurting the protesters are truly heartless and selfish. They only care about themselves and the bullfights. NOTHING ELSE.


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