Pet Doctor Locked Himself In And Ate From A Dog Bowl. You’ll Love Why

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Dr Andy Mathis is not any ordinary vet, he spent a night at the kennel in a cage with a dying pit bull eating with the pit bull from a dog bowl.

It was like any ordinary day when rescuers turned in an abandoned starving pitbull on the road with hypothermia and suffering from a vagina prolapse. They named her Graycie the pit bull. Graycie was hurt so badly that she appear to have lost the will to live. Years living out on the streets can have stressful toll on animals.

They found an abandoned, starving pit bull on the road. She was taken to Dr. Andy Mathis where he realized that she was hypothermic and suffering from a vaginal prolapse.

The vet was faced with two choices: either put her to sleep or save her. While her odds were grim, Dr Mathis knew he had to do the right thing and save her even if it means doing the uncomfortable… Spend the night in the cage with the pitbull and use his body heat to warm her up.


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Staying inside the kennel and a locked cage, the vet spent the night keeping the dog warm and eating from a tin bowl just like all other dogs in the rescue centre. While he was spending time in the kennel, something happened. Graycie started eating and started gaining weight. There is something special about

After sitting in the kennel, he noticed Graycie's appetite and weight started to grow by the day.

She still has to heal more mentally and physically, but one day this miracle pit bull will be ready for a forever home.

Graycie is doing much better now thanks to Dr Mathis’ heroic effort to keep her well.

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4 thoughts on “Pet Doctor Locked Himself In And Ate From A Dog Bowl. You’ll Love Why

  1. …my heart sings ♥..
    …dog bless sweet ♥GRAYCIE♥…
    …and the caring doctor who recognized this precious soul was worth saving…
    …to the special people who show us the way to true compassion ♥


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