Poachers Gunned Down By Rangers and Finished off by Crocodiles

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Zambian poacher shot dead in ZimbabweGreat news for all animal lovers!

A trio of poachers were killed over valentines weekend while poaching elephants in Zambia. Rangers were notified by a tip off from the local community when gunshots were heard and rangers rushed to respond. The rangers found a dead elephant with his tusks still intact. The rangers hid themselves for the poachers to claim the elephant ivory. the poachers eventually came and started firing at the rangers.

In an intense gun fight, rangers shot and killed a poacher who started firing at them, two of the poachers retreated in the fray of the gun battle and were found dead a few days later with body limbs missing.  Local fishermen found their bodies floating down the Zambezi river, naked and eyes plucked out. One had both legs missing which police identified as eaten by crocodile.

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In the aftermath of the shoot out, rangers seized a 375 rifle, 13 rounds of ammo and two cell phones which could potentially help the Anti Poaching bureau identify and arrest everyone involved in the ivory trafficking ring.

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Another Poacher Ambushed, Gunned Down By Game Rangers

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8 thoughts on “Poachers Gunned Down By Rangers and Finished off by Crocodiles

  1. Hooray!! Karma’s a bitch. Those creeps deserved it. Thank you to all the rangers and wardens who continue to fight. Channel 7 showed how drones could really be a great aid in finding these poachers.

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    • Thank God for Karma, What comes around ~ goes around, just would have been so much sweeter if we could have seen it – just saying. 🙂


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    A while ago I bought a Cecil hooded white T Large size and am still awaiting its arrival, my name and address are Suzanne Hale 38 Deerlands Mount Sheffield S59QB Yorks UK Many thanks

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