Animal Activists Protested Outside SCI Convention – Some Almost Ran Over By Hunters

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This weekend’s Hunter gathering at the Marriott Minneapolis Northwest has attracted the anger of 40 animal rights protesters from two animal rights groups, Minnesota Animal Liberation and Animal Rights Coalition.

The protest was mostly peaceful with the exception of a few times hunters drove their cars onto the curbs to intimidate the animal protesters. (according to Star Tribune)

The protesters held signs displaying slogans such as “Killing Isn’t Conservation” tells the world that hunting is no longer socially acceptable. A law enforcement officer stood by, but there were no arrests.

Below are some pictures from social media. While there are many who cannot physically be with them, we need to do what we can to support them. Consider making a donation to support them in spirit. A coffee can go a very long way.

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7 thoughts on “Animal Activists Protested Outside SCI Convention – Some Almost Ran Over By Hunters

  1. Thank you for supporting our fellow beings. Trouble with this generation of hunters is they feel entitled. Our hunting ancestors would be ashamed of them.


  2. It was no surprise that these hunters showed their true colors…..they are cowards, every one. What I love is that this huge movement going on against trophy canned hunting has obviously hit a nerve – we need to all celebrate that and use it to further our determination to continue being a very large thorn in their backside!!!

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  3. A big thank you to these groups for standing their ground and making a bold statement!! (Trophy) Hunting has gone on for too long and no longer has a valid place in our society these days. More people are waking up to the fact that we need compassion and respect for animals! These activists and their simple activism is definitely an example to follow! #JusticeForCecil … Now can we get the same outpouring of concern for farm animals (fish & marine life too*) raised for food?? They are all Cecil, each and every last one. *includes innocent marine life (sharks, dolphins, rays, skates, turtles, etc) who fall victims to drowning & suffocation in nets used to catch fish for human consumption.


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