Dozens of Malnourished Animals Seized From Horse Breeding Facility



Horses at the Fairy Tail Equine Facility before recovery; Source: Department of Agriculture


A pair of horse breeders from East Hampton, Connecticut were recently charged with animal neglect after authorities seized dozens of malnourished animals from their facility.

Fairy Tail Equine Facility is owned by breeders Thomas and Melanie Olajos, both of whom will appear in court on March 15th in order to respond to the charges.

The animals, which included horses, rabbits, chickens, and dogs, were found to be severely malnourished and living in improper conditions. The Department of Agriculture, after repeated visits to the property over a period of months, determined that Fairy Tail Equine Facility refused to provide the animals in their charge with proper care. Many of the animals were rehomed and taken to nearby shelters. The horses are now under the care of the department’s own Second Chance rehabilitation facility.

Concerned animal lovers can donate to a GoFundMe page in order to help fund the rehabilitation of the recovered animals.



5 thoughts on “Dozens of Malnourished Animals Seized From Horse Breeding Facility

  1. Breeding Horses should be illegal until we have no horses going to auction for slaughter, simple answer to all this horrific insanity inflicted on our horses, with a shortage of horses, there will be plenty of good homes to go around, including the Wild ones that BLM is completely wiping out. The leaders in the Horse World need to demand this.


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