FBI Commits Spy Resources to Arrest Animal Abusers

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Sen. Joe Fain holds his dog, Waffles, as Gov. Jay Inslee signed in May a bill Fain sponsored that expanded the state's animal cruelty laws in Olympia. The measure makes it a civil offense to lock an animal in a car or enclosed space in dangerous conditions, like extreme heat or cold. The FBI will begin tracking cases of animal cruelty nationally in 2016.

Sen Joe Fain holds his dog as his colleague, Gov Jay Inslee signed a bill that expanded the state’s animal cruelty laws to Olympia. Photo credits to Rachel La Corte of Associated Press.

Great news for the animals!

The Federal Bureau Intelligence Agency will be tracking cases of animal cruelty at a national level and will be setting up a registry of animal abusers when ever cases are reported to their level.

This was not the first pro animal bill signed as back last year, Sen Joe Fain proposed a bill that was signed by Gov Jay Inslee that expanded the state’s animal cruelty laws to Olympia. The bill allows authorities to charge abusers who lock animals in car or subject their pets to dangerous conditions. FBI will begin tracking animal cruelty nationwide 2016

Knowing that there’s a trend of animal abusers becoming violent towards human, the FBI will be working to keep an eye on the animal abusers. Police departments are ordered to report animal cruelty cases to the FBI effectively making a database of animal offenders.

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FBI will be charging animal abuses under “crime against society”. There are four categories: neglect, intentional abuse, torture and sexual abuse.

Historically, animal abuse has been swept under the rug where the police would send animal control and the abuses would walk away with a clean record. today they will be kept on a list of violent people.

This is wonderful news for animals and animal lovers across America.

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4 thoughts on “FBI Commits Spy Resources to Arrest Animal Abusers

  1. well I hope they uphold everything about this…..of course they are trying like hell to get out from under the other problems they are having…Oregon…Texas…probably hoping this will detract from those issues. I say hold their feet to the fire and see that the local authorities and the Feds are notified of all abuse anywhere. They should also make it legal to secure all assets of anyone charged with abuse so that the tax payers get a break in taking care of the abused and neglected animals…follow the same protocol as with drug enforcement!!!!

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  2. I’ve worked with hardcore rescuers. When they find abused dogs and cats, they’re removed however it needs to be done. One of my dogs years ago, Ginger, an airdale mix was chained for the first 2 years of her life. Her collar was embedded in her neck. The person who rescued her, bought her from the owner for $100. I still miss my girl 15 years after her death. Teen boys and angry men are the worst abusers. They take out their aggression on animals.


  3. Another step forward – and I don’t care about their hidden agenda if their is one as some suggest – as long as they do it and the animals are helped, and the criminal animal abusers caught and punished !


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