Namibia Rejects All Hunting Bans And Welcomes Hunters

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Namibian Parliament – Picture from NamibianSun

Terrible news for all animal lovers and animals of Namibia. Earlier this week, Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism made an official declaration that it would oppose all calls to restrict hunting and export wildlife products; effectively making it a haven for poachers and hunters.


While other countries are opposing hunting as a result of the global awakening to trophy hunting, this country is looking to cash in on the displaced hunters. The government voted to communicate this news to all media channels to let the world know that they are a pro hunting nation. The fight is far from over. Animal lovers must unite and continue to pressure world governments to stand up for what is right instead of what their puppet masters tells them. The Cecil’s Pride community will continue to stand up for the animals and we need your support to continue the fight. Please consider supporting Cecil’s Pride with a one time donation or a monthly donation on Patreon.


Namibia Crushes Anti-Hunters By Banning All Hunting Bans

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7 thoughts on “Namibia Rejects All Hunting Bans And Welcomes Hunters

  1. /Users/briangaisford/Desktop/‘Navara’ by Peter Comley 2.docx

    I have been taking a very close look into the killing of CECIL.Yes he was killed illegally and is only one of many lion killed in this way by US PP holders ,who kill lion for fun. 9 others were killed illegally in ,and close to HWANGE , and most of these were by US doctors.Now they are crying in their soup because lion are now listed on CITES. 10 years behind the 8 ball. Because of the new CITES listing a lion killer, to bring his lion head or skin back into the US, he must furnish proof the $$ paid to kill it, filtered down to benefit lion conservation. Very hard to do.The hunting lobby has worked very hard to keep lion off CITES but we hope CITES will up list LION to CITES 1 in Sep. I am not against hunting if it is on a fair chase and ethical basis but African cats are never killed under these condition and the $$ paid to kill them DO NOT go back into conservation.
    Cat hunting is so corrupted that most $$ never even see the continent of Africa.
    Dr Palmer and Bronkhorst has spoiled it for all ethical hunters, and it is the ethical hunters who should have been protesting against them and not the bunny huggers. If the hunting community and SCI do not police this industry there will be more Palmers to give the hunting industry a black eye.
    Rhino came back from 1200 to 22,000 because of trophy hunting. Farmers in SA saw a cash cow in rhino hunting. So they got rid of their cattel and stocked with rhino to shoot.Although shooting a cow is more dangerous. It seems nuts that hunters may have saved them but now its the Chines and Viet Nam who are wiping them out. We are losing 3 rhino a day now in S Africa and all the authoroties know who the head poachers are and where they live inside Mozambique Massinger village. They range into Kruger park every day. CITES will now have to step in to save the rhino by putting pressure on SA and Mozambique to stop this slaughter. I grew up in Kruger. I sat with 5 rhino on feb 1st and returned two days later to see two of them killed with their horns missing. It was directly opp. the village of Massinger. This is public knowledge. Good NAVARA MASSINGER.

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  2. All hunting is sociopathic killing, straight up! This country has no values, ethics or morals to make this decision, they let a lot of unspeakable things happen to their own children, so this is no surprise, animals are at the bottom of the apathy level. What they don’t understand is that Wildlife watchers are much more of a lucrative revenue source, but they have to be educated on that prospect, that hunters are in reality a very small % of the population, esp. since these small penis’ed great white hunters flash cash in their faces, and that $ never makes it back to conservation efforts, it’s such an oxymoron anyway to suggest conservation by murder. Please make a petition to this country, pointing out their flawed thinking of their short term greed, lets send them a message.


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  4. No words, disgusted by the lack of compassion more than words can say. People who engage in hunting have to have some serious psychological issues to be able to take a life & not have their actions weigh on their conscience. The only hunting I support is that if the human race. It may appear that animals are overpopulated due to more run-ins with people; however the human population is the one that’s out of control & needs to be controlled.


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