BC Farm Charged With 20 Counts of Animal Cruelty

First ever in BC – Cruelty against dairy farm animals

Sadly in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, farm country to those familiar with the region, there has been breaking news through a submission of an undercover video to the SPCA from June 2014 showing helpless dairy cows being kicked, punched and beaten with chains and farming tools. Out of the twenty counts of animal cruelty 16 of the claims were against dairy cows and the 4 counts against pigeons. This is the first time the SPCA has been informed of animal cruelty on a farm in BC.

Thankfully under the Protection of Cruelty to Animals Act the employees are being charged. To learn more about this story watch the video:

Farm animal cruelty in Fraser Valley, BC

Source: The Canadian Press
Published Tuesday, March 1, 2016 8:20PM EST


10 thoughts on “BC Farm Charged With 20 Counts of Animal Cruelty

  1. Where are Your petitions ? ? ? You do not do Your work well anymore ! ! ! I do not want to have from You anymore such messages without petitions ! ! ! Are You only crazy ? ? ?

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    • Why are petitions needed – they are up on charges and it came from an undercover investigation which means – it was not public until the story broke ! Be thankful these people will be in court and hopefully the animals will have some kind of justice – finally !

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  2. I hate animal cruelty in any form BUT the picture that was presented with this report was not taken in a dairy but a sales yard…has nothing to do with the dairies…please don’t report falsely that is what will get you know support as a animal rights group… This is fraudulent and only hurts the cause!!!!!


    • Tell that to The CTV station who posted the article where the photos/video are presented – there are two ‘photos’ there – the one of dairy cows (video) and the other at the sale yard.
      Dairy cows are sold at yards too and trust me there is plenty of cruelty to be seen at those places !

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  3. Well done to those who went undercover and exposed the horrors behind closed doors – let us hope that firstly the animals will have some kind of justice and the public will be more aware of what these animals are subjected to.. As for those who made negative comments here – I have replied and before one comments, read the article from the source first ! http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/b-c-spca-says-dairy-farm-charged-with-animal-cruelty-1.2799964

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  5. Damn shame but so glad these atrocities were brought to light!! I have to ask, WHEN will people wake the F up?!?!! The perpetrators need to pay dearly for these crimes, preferably an eye for an eye in my opinion is the only way that real justice will be served. We must have a 0 tolerance policy for animal abuse!! These people are a major threat to society and need to be removed. It’s apparent they have mental issues from being desensitized to the work they do in the ugly agribusiness industry!!

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