Anonymous Declares War on Donald Trump


Anonymous has recently declared war on Donald Trump. In their video, they are making a declaration of war telling the world that they will strike on April 1st. They are also calling hackers to do all they can to expose information on Donald Trump.

Many of us have been hearing about the hateful rhetorics coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth the the last year. We know that his sons are active hunters killing innocent elephants and other endangered species just because they have a lot of money to blow. We know that Trump supports the fur industry as he was at the opening of the Dennis Basso Fur Store on Madison Avenue.

Aside from anonymous, there are multiple groups that are looking to take actions. Especially this one group that is growing, Occupy Trump, that will occupy Trump’s next rally if they get a million likes. Please like this group to enable this group to take action.




Here’s a picture of Donald trump and Melanie Knauss opening a FUR STORE.




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caption: Bob Barker hosts THE PRICE IS RIGHT on the CBS Television Network. copyright: Photo: Tony Esparza/CBS ©2002 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Anonymous Declares War on Donald Trump

  1. The FBI is targeting the wrong people. Trump has incited violence at a very high level, he should be held responsible, other country’s are seeking to block him. Trump is buying the media to manipulate and buy protection from the public voice, after inciting the public to a state of frustration with his ugly hate speech, not free speech, HATE SPEECH! Trump attacks the people that pay the taxes, that pay for the FBI to protect him, he is abusing the public twice, and yet you still protect him, when anonymous wants to get Justice! It’s called private interest and corruption in our government agencies!


    • Yes Terry, there are a lot of capitalist problems in this country to change and Trump is one of those that corruptly pay the media to promote his patriarchy and oligarchy agenda that is devastating the animals as well as the general public, he represents everything that is wrong with this country, and BTW, he does speak out in support of his Trophy hunting sons, and that is a coat of many terrified tortured animals that cu** he is with is wearing, you give it a rest and evolve to understand what is going on around you.


  2. Wonderful news…I hope they are successful. He needs to be stopped in his tracks. I hope he doesn’t use his billions to track them down and damage them.


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