Poems for Cecil

Thank you Gill Halpin for sharing these wonderful peoms:


This is just a one off.
My poetry for Cecil.
Cecil the Lionheart

Hwange National Park was my heaven on earth
On the dusty warm ground my lioness gave birth
Happy and contented we looked after our brood
Our only consideration was searching for food

We idled our time looking up at the sky
Watching sunshine and stars passing us by
I was a family man and that completed my life
For I couldn’t foresee my family’s strife

We prowled, and growled and we lazed in the sun
Never giving a thought for a man with a gun,
This day we were hungry; I had a family to feed
I am the king; and it’s my job to lead

Suddenly, there was a scent I couldn’t resist
Not realising, I was being lured in to a tryst
I bid my farewell to my cubs and lioness
With a promise on my return, of a meal and caress

I am not sly, wicked or cruel
I didn’t understand, man lived by another rule,
Suddenly the pain in my body was intense
I had been shot with an arrow, I had no defence

For a day and a half, I ran and I ran
My brave heart was weakening, as I was chased by a man
I was exhausted and still, I could run no further
The deed was about to be done, there was going to be a murder.

This was my heaven, where my family and I thrived
I am dead; I wished I had survived!!
My name was Cecil!


This is for Cecil and his pride. Another poem.
I know the story about Jericho is false but i wrote this poem before I noticed an update.
As the message is still relevant, I am posting my poem.

Oh Brother!

Oh Brother, My dearest brother, I know you did your best
Come here and lie beside me, and take your well earned rest
Our pride is in mourning, for the loss of their brave kings
With our spirit behind us, we take on our magnificent wings

Oh Brother; my lion heart is breaking at mans senseless need to kill
They leave a family unprotected whilst they seek another thrill
Our glorious family, are alone bereft once more
This time no kings to protect them, only our silent roar

Oh Brother, can you feel them, can you hear them; they are nearby
My brave Lioness and cubs, letting out a little cry
This time we lost the battle, how do we keep them safe and well?
I know; with our magnificent wings, we will have to cast a spell

Oh Brother; I know you ask, but where do we go from here?
I hear there are some good folk, that do hold our lives dear,
Do they know that we need them, more than we ever have before?
Can they show these naughty people, the other side of the door?

Oh Brother, Can they save us from sadistic man with gun
And restore our lives to peace, beneath the shining sun
They can Brother; they have to use their voice
When good folk get together, there will be plenty to rejoice!!

Oh Brother, I can hear them and would like to thank them now,
On behalf of my kingdom, I thank you for your vow!

Please don’t forget Cecil and his pride!!


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