Man Spotted Beating This Dog On Busy Street – Watch How Many Responded

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If someone is abusing a dog in broad daylight, how soon would people step in and stop the abuse? Right away? within 20 seconds? less than a minute? and how many people would you think would jump in? a dozen at once?

This is what Youtuber OckTV wanted to find out as he conducted a social experiment where he will be abusing a fake dog in public and see how many people would react.



Using a stuffed dog and a sound box playing dog sound on repeat, he proceeded on punching and kicking this stuffed animal in public to see the public’s reaction.

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A sad case to see that only two people responded. the rest just ignored, or joined in on the abuse. it is rather sad that people tolerate this kind of abuse.


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10 thoughts on “Man Spotted Beating This Dog On Busy Street – Watch How Many Responded

  1. A great idea but shocked at the majority who are not phased at all, & wtf is up with the black guy?!?! Beating the dog & throwing it in the street?!?! This is exactly the kind of people who don’t deserve the air they breathe! I wonder if those few people who actually stopped to help would do the same for farm animals?

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  2. more people need to stand-up for animals ..they have suffered at the hands of man for a million yrs !! its time to help animals (all people need to help) for they have suffered way to long !!!!!!!!!!


  3. I would react immediately, I would NEVERRRRRR pretend not to have seen, I would react against the most violent man, NEVER shall an abuser do any harm to an animal with me remaining a passive spectator. who reacted A WOMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN of course,


  4. This made me SO SICK TO MY STOMACH! I WANTED TO KILL THE PEOPLE THAT DIDN’T HELP AND THE PEOPLE THAT HELPED HURT THE “DOG”!!!! I am astounded at all of the pieces of shit that just walked by and didn’t do or say anything about this!!!!!

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  5. Shocking — the percentage of people who did nothing and those that actually joined in the beating. Only two people out of the crowds did anything to stop the abuse. This is a terrible commentary on the stupidity and socio-deadness of the human race.

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