BREAKING: Sylvester the Lion WILL NOT Be Put Down

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Good news for all animal lovers!


Sylvester the lion has been located and tranquillized. Unlike his brother Mohawk which has been mercilessly gunned down by park rangers who were too cheap to use a tranquilizer dart, Sylvester was tranquilized and transported to a sanctuary park. When inquired about euthanizing, SANParks’ Wanda Mkutshulwa said that statements made about Sylvester being put down were premature.

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“At this point we are still considering a range of options available to us. One of them being to return him to the park and strengthen areas that need to be strengthened to keep him inside the park.”  SANParks

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This is a sigh of relieve for all animal lovers as Sylvester the Lion was a mini-celebrity in Cape town, just like how Cecil was in Zim. Deep down, we know that the parks can’t lift a finger against Sylvester because they know the world’s watching. The hashtag #DONTKILLSYLVESTER was trending on social media with over thousands of people calling for the free roaming lion to be taken to a sanctuary instead of euthanization.

We know that there is power in the people and we must put it to use.

This summer, the world will be gathering at Washington DC to make a loud ROAR to protest unethical treatment of animals including canned hunting, drive hunting, trophy hunting and other forms of cruelty toward animals. Check out Cecil2016 at You can also support the movement and help it spawn satellite rallies by getting a cecil2016 Tshirt

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Sylvester the lion has been foundHe is currently being transported back to the Karoo National Park where he’ll be kept in a boma.


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4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sylvester the Lion WILL NOT Be Put Down

  1. Animals are hostages of the human race. Their destinies are in the hands of humans as to whether they live or die. A situation that did not occur in the millions upon millions of years the animal kingdom managed to maintain itself without human interference.


  2. This is good news for Sylvester, but still horrible news about Mohawk. Are these the same park rangers? Are they just now understanding that the world is paying attention to their treatment of Lions, is that the difference between Mohawks fate and Sylvester’s fate? What’s a “Boma”? Not a canned hunt park, right? I don’t trust any of these people. their desperate poverty can sway them easily, that’s what the fricken hunters have preyed on.


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