Walter Palmer In Custody (Theoretical)

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Below is a theoretical telling of what that desired date is going to be like… When Cecil finally gets his justice and the world can rejoice that the world’s hated dentist gets served his much overdue sentencing. (This if for you to read to feed your fantasy.). We’ve filtered through different ways and try to provide the most logical theoretical outcome Palmer can still go through. We do have a serious message at the bottom.

Bloomington Minnesota- Bloomington Police was spotted outside the private residence of Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer Thursday afternoon as a warrant for the arrest of Palmer was issued by the courts for multiple counts of animal cruelty charges including illegal hunting of the grizzly bear and murder of Cecil the Lion. Palmer has breached the Lacey Act on illegally trafficking wildlife and needs to pay for his crimes.

Reporters arrived to Palmer’s residence and saw Palmer in handcuffs being led to a police van. Neighbours said they’re relieved that they’re no longer living next door to a hunter.

palmer arrested

Bloomington Police were also spotted outside Palmer’s dental practice as well. It seems like Palmer’s hunting days are over as he has multiple charges of animal cruelty against him. Commentators speculate that Palmer’s hunting license will be revoked and he will never be allowed to own or carry a firearm ever again.

A happy day for animal lovers all over the world as everyone has been awaiting this day where Palmer receives his due justice for the killing of Cecil the Lion back in 2015.

Inside the court room, the judge read his horrendous crimes in front of a room filled with animal lovers and gun nuts. Palmer’s judge would definitely try to put on a good defence but at the end of the day, a crime is a crime. The law says that it is punishable by law to traffic illegal wildlife and no degree of lying the lawyer can put up can rescue Palmer. The jury votes and the judge has found Palmer guilty of his crimes.

Looking down at his table, Walter Palmer finally realizes that he took the life of a lion that can no longer be replaced. As the judge reads his sentencing infront of the room full of people, he knows that his days as a hunter are over and he must pay for the lives of the many animals he killed and pay for his attempts to cover up and bribe people. Hand cuffs were laid on him and two court guards escorts Palmer to the back door with reporters and journalists flashing their cameras on the side.

Cecil can finally rest, justice is finally served…

Sadly this is only a dream and an April 1st fictional story. It will sadly remain a fantasy if we fail to carry the Cecil Momentum. 

Word from our Sponsors

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The above story is a parody/satire (under freedom of speech) submitted to us to share on April fools day. We all dream of that day but it will never come if we fail to act. 

While there are currently no warrants out against Palmer…yet, Palmer can be charged with a few charges including the breaching of the Lacey Act which prohibits the transport of illegal wildlife. We know that Cecil was illegally murdered as a research and tracked lion. We have evidence that Palmer tried to hide the collar and mislead law investigators.

The whole animal lover community is fed up with the corrupt justice system where trophy hunters like Palmer walking free while animal lovers are arrested for standing up for what’s right. We want to raise a loud voice to change law makers and ensure that Palmer gets extradited to Zimbabwe to face his crimes against the murder of Cecil the Lion.

Public opinion for justice for Cecil is strong  but nothing is being done because there is little activity at DC. The road to getting Palmer extradited is a long one and it can’t be done by a handful of people. we need the support of all animal lovers to make this possible.

We plan to change that this summer with a GIANT RALLY at DC kickstarting an embassy office where the animal kingdom will have a dedicated voice campaigning law makers at DC. The cost of setting up a presence in DC is not cheap, we invite you to consider attending or support Cecil2016 in spirit.


Find out more about Cecil2016 at

Please brighten a fellow animal lover’s day by playing along and sharing this, let’s make this go viral and let Cecil’s name be popular on the news for one more day.

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12 thoughts on “Walter Palmer In Custody (Theoretical)

  1. I immediately knew it was a joke. A cheap one. However it might also stir up the anger and hate towards the insane idiot Walter Palmer, whose cowardly deeds, up till now, were left unpunished. May a lot of us still hope that sooner or later a stray bullet will take him down and release us of our frustrations !


  2. I would love to be true. And understand your point. But justice is too slooooowww!!!
    It is like John Lennon said”I really want to see you lord! But it takes so looonngg my lord”


    • That quote was from George’s composition “My Sweet Lord”….While we wait for justice for Dear Walter, what if we did a little writing campaign to let him know we are still thinking of him? I’m sure someone must know his home address, Yes?….or his business office, or both for a “double whamie”. Here’s how it would work:
      Day 1: all first names starting with “Ab” send Walter a nice little, creative note from the heart.
      Day 2: All first names starting with “Ac”………………………Day 3: “Ad”……….
      Day 4: “Ae”………..
      Day 5: “Af”……..ETC.!

      Then we can work our way through LAST names the same way. This should just assure that EVERY day our little friend would be reminded of just how much, and often, we think of him. Imagine the variety of heartfelt expressions from the heart we could send him day, after day, after day, after day. Maybe on your turn your kids may want to write him or even send him a drawing or two. Keep those thoughts dripping onto his brain like Chinese water torture!! Bombard him with all we have. Make him cringe at the thought of having to collect his mail day after day; With daily, unceasing, relentless reminders that what he did apalls us, that his actions are totally unacceptable, and that his uber egotistical, cowardly and inhumane way of treating other creatures on this planet will not go unrewarded. ‘No threats of bodily harm (like Cecil suffered), just daily, methodical, from the heart expressions of what we feel when we think of his charming face and his million dollar Grin.

      If we all did our little part when our “turn(s)” came up, he might realize that we all live each day waiting for the day when HE will be dropped to the ground in agony.

      Any thoughts, people? Again, let’s NEVER let Walter think we’ve forgotten him!!!!


      • I think this is an excellent idea, Lynda. We need to let Dr. Palmer know that we have not forgotten about his cruel deeds and we will never forget Cecil. After the dust settled and Palmer returned to his office, I sent him a book and a letter every week or two for six weeks. Nothing nasty or threatening…just asking him if he had ever thought about the damage he was doing to the wild ones and how he would feel if someone had done the same to his family. The books were various stories about wild animals, their instincts, feelings and value in our world. I never heard from him, but one never knows the impact something like this might have.

        Dr. Walter Palmer
        10851 Rhode Island Ave. S
        Bloomington, MN. 55438


  3. Sorry folks but I have a hard time finding any humor in this. The judicial system however is a big joke when it comes to taking down ASSHOLES LIKE WALTER PALMER!! This walking piece of whale shit will never pay for taking the life of an innocent animal just so this prick could hang him on his wall for all of his sick rich ass friends to gawk at!! I HATE THIS BASTARD FOR TAKING CECIL’S LIFE AND NOTHING WOULD BE MORE SATISFYING THAN SEEING THIS ASSHOLE BEHIND BARS FOR YEARS TO COME.There are better more creative ways to bring awareness to trophy hunting without joking about ASSHOLE Palmer going to jail. This is a dream for so many of us that may never come true!!


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