Hunter and Animal Activist Battle it Out At NY Debate May 4th

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The anti hunting movement is growing strong. we have reports that there will be a faceoff next month between an animal activist against hunters. Please vote AGAINST the motion and share widely. This is our chance to show the world that the animal movement is strong and hunting must cease. Please share this post on social media




There is a very important national debate on the motion “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” coming up in New York City on May 4th.

The Panel

FOR the motion
Anthony Licata, Editor-in-Chief, Field & Stream Magazine
Catherine E. Semcer, COO, Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (H.O.P.E.)

AGAINST the motion
Wayne Pacelle, CEO & President, The Humane Society of the United States
Adam M. Roberts, CEO, Born Free USA & Born Free Foundation

This debate is part of the nationally syndicated radio program Intelligence Squared and will be aired on 200 public radio stations as well as webcast and podcast.

There is a poll in relation to this debate. Voting in the poll is open to everyone, including those who reside outside the United States. The poll results will be part of the program and winning the poll is critically important to the outcome of the debate. The hunting fraternity has put out a big call for support and recently they have managed to turn the poll results in their favour.

Please vote and share this post widely in all groups to rally the troops to vote AGAINST the motion
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Help keep the animal movement strong, keep in to ensure we can continue to report and fight the hutners. you can help with as little as $1



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14 thoughts on “Hunter and Animal Activist Battle it Out At NY Debate May 4th

  1. Where was this poll of 61% for hunters, 39% anti’s (activists) taken? I know in all reality that activists are much more than that if they had access to the poll. It’s a point I argue all the time that hunters are in all reality 5% at the most, they are just very loud and outspoken, especially with their corrupt use of their money. A open debate in a gun-free zone in a great idea! Can’t wait, sharing~


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  4. There is so much abuse and ignorant killing in this world now the species are paying too much for human greed.
    It is time to end the killing and save what’s left of our beautiful world for the generations to come. The killing for sport Must End Now!!!


  5. It occurred to me and others that the the voting results must be corrupted because hunters are only 2-5% of most populations and the majority of people want wildlife managed with real science and non-lethal methods. To test the poll, I tried to vote again and guess what? My second vote also counted. This poll is deeply flawed and the results should be invalidated. Anyone can vote multiple times, but from the results it appears the hunters are doing this a lot more than people against the motion. A faulty poll that allows people to game the system by voting multiple times should not be “critically important to the outcome of the debate.”

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    • According to Intelligence Squared U.S., “This is a non-scientific user poll. Results are not statistically valid and cannot be assumed to reflect the views of Intelligence Squared U.S. users as a group or the general population. This poll does not, in any way, influence the official results of the live debate.” So Cecil’s Pride’s statement that “The poll results will be part of the program and winning the poll is critically important to the outcome of the debate” does not appear to be accurate.

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