Hunters Announce Plans to “Shut Down” Animal Rights Movement

The hunter’s political arm, National Rifle Association, are gearing up for a major push that will shut down the animal rights movement. They are starting to realize that they’re outnumbered and are planning to strike back on social media.

At their 145th annual meeting at Louisville Ky, the NRA executives pledged to be on the offensive by launching the Hunters Leadership Forum network (HLF), a propaganda machine whose role is to put together propaganda materials to the public to justify their action in hopes of swinging public opinion on hunting.

The hunters have laid out a three step plan to turn the battlefield into their favour:

  1. Spying animal lover communities and meetings (under the guise of focus ‘surveying and focus groups’)
  2. Hosting one day workshops nationwide to train hunters to be advocates for hunting online and in their communities. (Brainwashing en masse)
  3. Pandering to the academic communities to publish more pro hunter research findings to support their pro hunter agenda

The hunting lobby may have deep pockets but we have the numbers on our side. We must do all we can to fight back. If each of us contributes $20 a month, we have enough to launch our counteroffensive campaign to stand our ground when the hunters gear up.

Will you stand up for the animals and help us stand up against the hunters?

We have plans for a counter offensive involving educational resources for animal lovers to share on Facebook and social media to communicate the truth of trophy hunting and the lies the hunters tell the world. We’ll  But we need your support to put it across the nation using billboards and advertising.

We can take them down, but only with your help. Will you please support us today?

One thing hunters fear the most is democracy. With a majority of Americans opposed to trophy hunting and cruelty to animals, we know that we could win if we all mobilize and call up our representatives and have our own lobbyists in DC. We are on our way there and we will crush them once the animal movement is fully awake.
We need to be ready for the ultimate David and Goliath battle.
Thank you for getting us this far,

Cecil’s Pride Community

PS: Decades from now, when our children and grandchildren go overseas on eco-tourism tours and are able to see the animals in their wild habitat, we’ll know that the time and money we’ve invested in this fight for our planet was worthwhile. Your support is more important than ever. Please click here to donate today.


3 thoughts on “Hunters Announce Plans to “Shut Down” Animal Rights Movement

  1. They have already been hard at work infiltrating communities, opening new Bass stores, and getting local media to do news stories about hunting as if it’s normal, they even gave Dan Ash a news spot to say that buffalo calf had to be killed, all stories on main stream news in CA for a minority special interest group without an option to comment on these stories or Hunting and Gun Stores, they have a lot of money and power all the way up to Justice Scalia, that’s why the Fish &Wildlife gets away with murdering 2.7 million animals a year the publics voice is suppressed by very corrupt politics and has been for some time now, but we are getting louder so they are ramping up their efforts, greasing more palms and if the Republicans win we are all very much screwed, us and the animals.


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