Cecil2016 Rally Mentioned on Hunter’s News

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Earlier this week, the peaceful rally for Cecil the lion scheduled to take place July 2016 was mentioned on hunter’s blog, American Hunter. The article noted the upcoming rally and accused ordinary animal lovers as extremists and ended with a call to arms.

“This rally is yet another example of why it is long past time for hunters to counter anti-hunting extremism and take a stand for hunting”

It’s rather saddening how hunters labels ordinary animal lovers like the granny at the corner of the street with 3 cats ‘extreme’. Just because someone owns a pet and has a heart to see an end to cruelty, it doesn’t make them an extremeist of any form. It seems as if the hunter propaganda is putting a granny with a few cats in the same category of the KKK.

If meeting at DC with a bunch of banners ‘extreme’, what would you call those who are sailing up north to stop seal hunters or activists in Florida who step inbetween black bear cubs and the hunters? Clearly the hunters are using every small thing and spinning it big to drive sympathy for their cause.

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These types of articles on the hunters site are signs that the hunters will be taking steps to respond to the awakening brought about by the murder of Cecil the Lion. We know that there will be a clash in the coming years and as animal lovers we need to be prepared for it. Just last week, the hunters announced a plan to “shut down” the animal rights movement. We need to be vigilant and be on our guard at all times.

Will you stand up with the animal kingdom?

Do you have what it takes to say “I’m in for the long haul!”

Will you stand alongside with us as we prepare for battle?

Will you stand up for the animals and help us stand up against the hunters?

There are three ways you can support us:

  1. Get a Limited Edition Merchandise to support the cause
  2. Consider a monthly donation to help our movement. 
  3. Share this article on Facebook

The fight for a poaching free future is possible but big steps will have to be made. If we all do our part, this utopian dream can be a reality.

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