Cecil’s Grand Cubs Spotted On a Walk In The Park

Wildlife photographer Graham Simmonds recently posted picture of eight lion cubs walking down a grassy road with their mother in Hwange National Park. Their guide informed them that these lion cubs are the grandchildren of Cecil the Lion.

“Xanda is one of Cecil the lion’s sons that has recently come into his prime, and the cubs seen here are thought to be the ‘grandcubs’ of the legendary Cecil.” he added. Sam Mushandu, a guide at Hwange’s Linkwasha camp, estimates that the cubs might be about four months old.

According to other guides, they have recently spotted a total of 10 cubs. A lion’s family tree often spans across different prides and great distances. Xanda, one of Cecil’s surviving sons, has grown up and formed his own pride. And now, Xanda is raising Cecil’s grandcubs.

Cecil would have been proud if he was still alive.



Photo from Graham Simmonds.

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One thought on “Cecil’s Grand Cubs Spotted On a Walk In The Park

  1. Cecil was not finished off with a gun shot but with more arrows.
    Brent would like this to get out. Palmer would not be able to have claimed a bow kill if Bronkhorst had but Cecil out of his pain of a arrow through his gut with a gun shot .He used a unethical CROSS BOW. The arrow would have passed clean through him. So 40 hrs later Palmer stuck more arrows into Cecil. How many, we don’t know yet. The case against Palmer is still open.No bow hunter would go out at night to shoot big game.Why was this Dr Palmer?To conceal the hunt or do you just like the bush at night.
    Did he take Cecils teeth? JR reports he did.
    So the elephant that was used as bait died of natural causes ? Wow ,how lucky was that..
    Where is the collar Dr Palmer ?. The computer print out shows that the collar had legs for three days after the kill.Why was that Dr Palmer.I expect to throw Brent off the track or was it some hyena that was walking it in a strait line.. It was a new expensive gps collar . I would say a refund of the cost is due even if the kill was legal as you state..Also where did the $55,000 go? Into lion conservation??
    .It may not have even seen Africa.
    It is now illegal to shoot a collard lion.
    Thanks to Cecil.
    Lion are listed on CITES 11 now.
    Thanks to Cecil.
    If the hunters don’t pore more lobby $$$ into lobbying CITES we may get them listed on CITES 1 on Sep 24th 2016.
    Why were lion never listed on CITES till Cecil?
    Rhino were listed back in 1975 and we have more of them.
    This is the 13 lion killed illegally in the same area. Most by US hunters and one after Cecil.
    I am confused why cats that were killed for fun are referred to as hunted.
    No cats are hunted in Africa. Dogs, bait, drag lines and even audio call up speakers
    are used to call cats in. Is this hunting?
    Lion CANNED hunting in SA is even more disgusting.
    I am a hunter and i hunt. Not cats,or am i a trophy hunter but for the love of walking in the bush with a gun.No 10 star lodge either.
    If the US ethical hunters do not police the industry it will be the end of hunting.
    Palmer has ruined it for all ethical hunters.


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