Gorilla Protecting Toddler Brutally Shot Dead

In 1986, five-year-old Levan Merrit fell into the Gorilla Enclosure at the Jersey Zoo in the process, suffering skull fractures, head, and arm inquires being knocked out cold. However, the gentle giant Silverback Gorilla Jambo protected Merrit while gently caressed the five year old until emergency services pulled the young boy out of the pit.

This heart-warming story occurred again 30 years later (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/gorilla-trying-protect-four-year-8076239) when another gorilla protected a child who fell into the Gorilla pit once again and pulled the child to a safe place. Sadly the ignorant zookeepers blinded by their own prejudices towards the animals they sadistically cage for fun, shot this gorilla dragging the child to safety being too lazy to observe the gorilla’s was in fact rescuing the child. Furthermore, the zookeepers callously shot the gorilla while he was moving the child to safer unconcerned that their shots could have also killed the child being dragged to safety by the gorilla!

The time has come to stop the ignorance and prejudice concerning gorillas! How many more gorillas will have to die at the hands of ignorant human-centric prejudices until we understand too late the gentle protective nature of these animals?

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How long will animals such as gorillas have to deteriorate and suffer in the cruel unsanitary conditions of zoos just for human pleasure until we realize they belong in their natural habitat free from human interference? Will it take the death of a child at the hands of stray zookeeper bullets intended for the gorilla moving the child to safety to realize that gorillas were the first to protect the children who fell into gorilla enclosures?

If you truly support animals, believe that animals should live in harmony free from injustice, seek to educate the public to end any and all forms of prejudiced injustices against animals such as these gorillas, join animal embassy today at http://www.theanimalembassy.com/ and spread the word to help make the World a safer better and just place for all Animals!!






10 thoughts on “Gorilla Protecting Toddler Brutally Shot Dead

  1. I am heart sick over the death of Harambe. Happy Birthday handsome then they shoot him. It angers me to no possible end that the mother will not be charged. She did not pay attention to what her child was doing, she was too busy being her self-centred self. Then she says she runs a day care. Do you truly want that woman looking after your child when she can’t watch her own?

    So as this plays out a a lowland gorilla, a critically endangered silverback loses his life because of her. Her son falls into the gorilla pit and the trigger happy keepers don’t shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, they shot him with a gun. The unharmed child ends up harmed by the murdered gorilla falling on him.

    Then Michelle Gregg, the so-called mother says “god protected her son.” That phrase along shows her stupidity. The gorilla protected her son because she wasn’t. Now they say she will not be charged with neglect or child endangerment. Someone had best charge her and take children out of her care. He son continuously told her he was going down to see the gorillas. Did she listen? Not at all.

    She should not only be charged but fined one million dollars that is to go to the preservation of Lowland Gorillas. That is the only way people like her who have children and expect the whole world to look after them for her will learn to take care of their own kids. The zoo and others are not your baby sitters. Put your cell phone away and look after the kids.

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  2. How very sad this poor beautiful Gorilla had to be murdered, a disgusting negligent zoo procedure that is antiquated, apathetic and a cruel policy not to have had a fast acting tranquilizer gun to respond to these situations, not a rifle with intent to kill.??? We need to hold this zoo and all others accountable to have other methods and procedures to use, as well as tranquilizer gun on hand to think of protecting the animal as well as the human.


  3. Damn shame!! My heart cries for this precious soul as well as the lions in a different but related note. Absolutely disgusted, what a damn shame our ignorance and the loss of innocent life!


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  5. Some mother…..how could the child actually fall in, but as he did, what do you do?
    Had the Gorilla killed or maimed the child there would be howls of protest.
    Bigger fences? The mother is without doubt responsible for failing to look after her child.
    Maybe zoos arent such good places after all….who said they were? How do predict what a caged animal might do?


  6. Nothing makes the death of Harambe any easier to accept. It’s same with Cecil the Lion and every other animal killed by negligence, poaching and ignorance. What strikes me is Harambe’s death took place very close in time to the actual one-year anniversary of when the psycho dentist killed Cecil. It was in the month of May although we didn’t hear about it until later. If there is any message to take from this painful synchroncity, it’s that there is a growing wave of human beings who are increasing in number and in consciousness toward (I pray) a sweeping change in how our species tends to and treats other living creatures on earth. Animals are sentient beings! I know everybody here knows that. I just needed to say it outloud here. ❤

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  7. We’ll never know what really went on in that zoo when all this went down. I feel the zoo handled this poorly and were not trained to handle a situation like this so they took the easy way out and murdered Harambe. The Cincinnati zoo makes me sick because they employ a hunter at their zoo and he was the one who killed Harambe. The zoo claims to be into conservation and then they employ a hunter? Hunters are lowest of the low when it comes to animals and the zoo has one on staff.

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    • Unfortunately, most people in these type of jobs are hunters, Most of Fish & Wildlife are hunters, they love these jobs where they have dominance and control over animals, with an ultimate goal to be able to kill, in the name of “conservation”. It’s the reason I had to drop trying to be in this field, my instructors teach and argue with the killer mentality as a necessity to work in this field.


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