Three Elephant Poachers Gunned Down In Kenya

elephant poachers

Just last week, a major victory was scored for the rights of animals and a major loss befell the cowardly campaign to threaten animal habitats!

The heroic Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) after thorough intelligence gathering, surveillance and heightened security were alerted to the presence of 3 poachers intending to hunt and kill elephants on the Aberdare Ecosystem Park.

The Rangers from the KWS successfully intercepted the poacher gang and called the poachers to surrender. However, typical from a gang of callous psychopaths the poachers opened fire on the Rangers resulting in a deadly firefight. Of course the KWS prevailed in the firefight due to their superiority in cause and equipment. The trio poacher gang were killed and from their bodies were retrieved a ton of illegal weaponry.

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No elephants were harmed in this heroic operation and the actions of the KWS saved countless elephants from harm! To ensure that Earth’s beautiful and diverse animal ecosystem including elephants remain safe from harm join Animal Embassy at and help grow this campaign so that together we can save Earth’s animals by putting an end to illegal poaching and cowardly slaughter!!


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67 thoughts on “Three Elephant Poachers Gunned Down In Kenya

  1. Killing people to protect animals seems a bit much – pretty disgusting all the blood lust displayed here! Why are there poachers? Some “first world” buyer! Shoot them, not the poor third world people trying to survive!

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  2. NO, it is the people most of them privileged/wealthy who create the demand for animal products that need to be jailed. No amount of killing poachers will stop this activity. What it will do is make it more lucrative for future poachers and there are millions of poor Africans willing to take the risk as long as demand remains high.


  3. Awww, shuck ‘ums…did those guys get hurted on their wittle way out to shoot the big bad ellie-fonts? Guess they shouldn’t play with guns. Allow me a moment to mourn their passing – done. Will there be any trophy parts sold on the Internet? I’ll put my bid in. Wouldn’t mind mounting something of them on my wall or keychain. Check out my brand new poacher skin purse – complete with the bullet used to kill them as a zipper.

    As for those who contest whether we should cheer for the deaths of the people who WANT the products of poached animals or the people who do the killing for profit…selling your soul to the devil is still selling your soul to the devil regardless of why you were doing it. Sure, the people who want the product are disgusting and vile, there’s no doubt about that, but SOMEONE supplies it – if everyone who tried to kill innocent animals died trying there would be no product to sell. Yes, both sides need to be punished, both sides need to be stopped – but don’t absolve the people who are actually KILLING animals because they do so for the love of the almighty dollar. I understand where you are coming from – but you are not talking about innocence here…they know what they are doing before they do it. They know they are breaking laws, they know what they are doing is wrong…but they do it because it pays a lot of money. That’s not innocence.

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    • “Awww, shuck ‘ums…did those guys get hurted on their wittle way out to shoot the big bad ellis-fonts?” What are you, ten, twelve?

      Most of the people who do the actual killing are not doing it for the love of “..the almighty dollar.” They are doing it for the love of having enough to eat for awhile.


    • They’ve been shot on sight for years but there are an unlimited supply of desperately poor people willing to risk their lives for what are big returns from their perspective. Nothing will change until demand ceases.

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  4. Other ways to earn
    a living Ted, so if you had no job or money would you go out and shoot elephants? Well by the sound of your protests about everyone else’s free speech it sounds like you would, well we wouldn’t.

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    • Yes if my family was starving and I could feed them for a year by killing an elephant and I had no other “job or money” available I would do whatever was necessary. I say this having worked for 30 years enforcing wildlife laws in Idaho. Have you and your family every really been hungry – not just ready for dinner hungry? Have you walked a mile in their shoes? Killing poor desperate poachers will never stop this. The only thing that will is for demand to cease. Lastly please explain specifically how I protested “…everyones else’ free speech…”.


  5. While trying to reduce the demand for ivory I suggest we kill the poachers, which is what is being done. I don’t think we should say, “Oh that’s OK, we understand. You were probably hungry.” Let them plant a garden already!

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    • I am not in any way saying “Oh that’s OK, we understand. You were probably hungry.”. But all this enthusiasm for killing poachers is a little disturbing. Have you actually thought much about looking down the sights of a gun at a rail thin person in rags and killing them? That’s what you are demanding these rangers do. As for your simplistic suggestion that they “…plant a garden already!” you do recognize that these people may not have land, seeds, a water right, and if they do plant some corn the elephants will probably eat it. Read At The Hand Of Man by Bonner for some perspective.


      • From your name I guess you are from China who hires poachers to kill tigers in India, my country for your dicks lacking retention. Yes, they trespassed into the wilderness and grabbed land and planted things. All beings on earth have to live and man has no special position on earth, a lowly amoeba has the same rights as Ted Chu to exist in this world and take part in its drama.


      • Diw – WOW! You guess wrong. I was born in Denver Colorado USA. I abhor the killing of tigers however I don’t think the government of China “hires poachers” to kill them in India. You apparently must be able to get around by levitation or you live in a vacuum so you don’t crush thousands of “lowly amoeba” like creatures with every footstep. Do you ever ride in a car or train or plane because if you do you contribute to the killing of thousands of animals that way. Part of the “drama” of this world is life and death, including predation by tigers and by humans. If a member of your family was about to be killed by an elephant and you had a gun what would you do? Nothing? Shoot the elephant? Shoot the family member? In theory your notion that all life from humans to amoebas are equal does not support killing humans, even if they are poachers, in favor of elephants. In your world an elephant life shouldn’t have more rights than a human life, correct?


  6. Yes. Apparently it is the only punishment that works. What they get paid for poaching and what the fines/jail time are has not been a deterrent. The species being killed and trafficked are going extinct, die horrific deaths. Those left alive are usually psychologically scarred, lose the knowledge of the elders which disrupts the functioning, thus survival of the species in another aspect. The poaching is so rampant that the populations are unable to recover even through procreation. I fully support killing poachers.


    • Except it’s been used for years now and it has been proven that it doesn’t work either. Poaching is still “…so rampant..”. The only thing that will work is to reduce or eliminate demand, just like with drugs.


      • Ted Chu…I’ve read your comments to those supporting the killings of the poachers, and, I get them. I really do. However, what do you propose as an alternative? Yes, I understand the financial situation that many find themselves in (I was born and raised in a third world country); I realize that there are few resources that poor people can draw from. However, the killing of wildlife, which actually draws income from tourism, is NOT a viable alternative! What are your ideas?

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  7. “Resisting arrest” is one standard reason given for US police shootings of all civilians. KWS needs to issue vest cameras to Rangers to assure the public that killings are justified. Be careful to avoid creating local insurrections against Ranger actions.

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