Study Shows Harambe’s Innocence Before Death

Academic report harambe

Humans claim over and over they are the most intelligent species on Earth! This claim is put to shame by the human zookeepers who were stupid enough to have killed Harambe the gorilla without any evidence.

Not only were they blind to the fact their shots could have harmed an innocent human child along with his gorilla protector but these seemingly qualified animal zookeepers had no clue about the peaceful protective nature of gorillas and have ignored the clear evidence on gorillas peaceful nature put forth by an animal behavioural expert. How could the zookeepers have failed to understand gorilla behaviour and how could the zookeepers have blindly shot Harambe neglecting to understand the gorilla’s peaceful nature?/!

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We should be ashamed by the senseless killing of Harambe which throws into doubt humanity’s intelligence, is another universal disgrace for our species and makes claims of human civility very doubtful indeed!

However you can help end this shameful cruelty, provide a voice of justice, support and hope for all animals!! So Please take a stand by joining animal embassy and spread the word to help bring an end to the senseless barbaric cruelty against animals like Harambe and his Kin.




5 thoughts on “Study Shows Harambe’s Innocence Before Death

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  2. So wrong and incomprehensible that a Zoo could be so reckless in its security with no surveillance around wild life area and to not understand that Harambe was VERY CALM sitting waiting for someone to get the boy who he brought to a dry safe place!


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