Anonymous Seeks Justice For Murdered Gorilla Harambe

Anonymous has just released a video announcing the start of #OPHARAMBE In Memory of the Gorilla Harambe who lost his life at the hands of Cincinnati Zookeepers while protecting a confused child who fell into the gorilla pen. The video calls for the child’s parents to face charges and be investigated for their involvement in the death of the innocent gorilla by neglecting to properly watch over their child. Anonymous reveals the address and phone number of the pre-school where the child’s mother Michelle Gregg works.

Anonymous shows their commitment for fair justice by sternly rebuking those who have been foolishly taking a blindly racist tone to criticism over the parents of the child who is of darker skin tone. Anonymous instead makes it clear that regardless of race, poor parenting and neglect of a child is unacceptable and must be accounted for especially when it causes the senseless tragically preventable death of another life as in this case an Endangered Animal such as the Silverback Gorilla Species Harambe belonged to.

Also notable is that the boy’s father Deonne Dickenson had a long standing criminal record and spent time in jail making an criminal investigation all the more important to hold these parents accountable for criminal negligence of their child which resulted in the death of a defenceless gorilla and almost their child at the hands of the zookeepers.


Plus to ensure the safety of the child at the hands of his unaccountable parents, a investigation on Mr. Dickenson’s lengthy criminal record would be necessary to ensure the child’s safety while also investigation the child’s mother Mrs. Gregg to determine whether she is taking care of her son and the kids she works with at pre-school properly! What is most unfortunate is that Harambe the Gorilla was murdered on the spot with his only crime being a more responsible guardian of the boy while the boy’s criminally negligent human parents including a father with a prominent criminal history are not held legally accountable having been pardoned by police!!

The time has come to put and end to this double standards of human supremacy in our society in which animals automatically have to suffer being neutralized for “Human Safety” without proper evidence while actual Human Criminals are allowed to remain free from investigation for their actual crimes despite the danger these Human Criminals may continue to pose to the public!

Do You Seek a Fair World In Which Animals Have Equal Rights and Freedoms and Full Protection Under The Just Law Alongside Humans? If So Then Sign Up Today at Animal Embassy (, share this post and spread the word!!






18 thoughts on “Anonymous Seeks Justice For Murdered Gorilla Harambe

  1. I don’t care what the race of the boy or hiss family is. His parents are turds. People who visit zoos are turds. People who own, operate or are employed by zoos are turds, too.


  2. While I agree to hold the parents responsible, my issue is more with the Zoo, their actions, policy’s that killed Harambe, and the very nature of their imprisoning and exploiting these animals.

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  3. Two despicable wrongs here ended in the unnecessary unconscionable killing of a CALM Harambe who took the child to a dry safe place to protect him which was more that what his negligent mother did! The Zoo has no surveillance which should have picked up the child approaching the area, it was incompetent in managing the mother and crowd with the mother causing chaos which poor Harambe was not used to! Harambe was very CALM with the child!


  4. Poor Harambe, gunned down in his enclosure where he should have been safe. When you think about it, Harambe’s life was lived on the edge–he was only safe as long as an uncontrolled child, a witless teenager, a drunk, or a psychotic didn’t plunge into his space. The careless mother, with too many kids to watch, and the clueless zoo, that didn’t seem to notice that a 3-foot fence might not keep people out, got by with no consequences for their neglect. The mother can declare she was glad God protected her son, and the zoo staff can say they had to shoot their gorilla to save the intrusive child. They can get on with their lives. But thanks to them, Harambe is gone from this earth forever.

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