Classified Picture Of Harambe’s Last Moments Surfaces

Pictures showing Harambe the gorilla during his last moments before being shot to death has just surfaced. These pictures show Harambe standing watch over the young child who fell into the gorilla pen of Cincinnati zoo. The child is comfortably sitting in front of Harambe with no signs of harm or fear and is totally relaxed as the gorilla keeps watch over the  young boy.

Harmbe is clearly looking at the exit door waiting like he was expecting for the child to rescued and is keeping watch over the child until the fatal rescue came. Harambe is doing a far better job than the boy’s negligent parents in watching over the child and it is unacceptable that this gentle gorilla was senselessly shot while the parents whose negligence caused this tragedy remain free from police prosecution over criminal negligence of their own son!!

34C640D800000578-0-image-a-1_1464650587839.jpgMoreover, this picture most likely recorded on zoo cameras remains classified and unreleased  by the pathetically silent zoo officials at Cincinnati!! Why would the zoo officials hesitate to formally comment or release this picture?? The corruption inherent in zoos based around biased prejudice against animals is what has lead to the cover up of this photo so that the zoos such as Cincinnati can continue their falsified rhetoric of justifying the illogical killing, humiliation, suffering and imprisonment of countless animals like Harambe and his kin!!


The time has come for us to spread the word and educate the public on the corrupt nature of zoos exposing the lies zoos have been spreading to the public for this long!! If you seek an end to the unjust imprisonment, neglect and abuse of animals in zoos then please join animal embassy at and share this post to help dispel misconceptions about animals and hold these corrupt institutions accountable for their atrocities against animals and use of blatant falsified propaganda to mislead the public while concealing the truth!!




9 thoughts on “Classified Picture Of Harambe’s Last Moments Surfaces

  1. We need change! First Cecil’s killer gets away with it, now this. That neglectful mother should be charged and so should the shooters at the zoo! They could have TRIED to be BRAVE and get the boy with exchange for his favorite food! He deserved a reward! not death. bastards!

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  2. Human EXCEPTIONALISM resulting in overreaction is the cause of the gorilla’s death. The gorilla had a life that to them was of so little value compared to the human that they felt justified in killing him. DaVinci said there will be a day when murdering an animal will equal to murdering a man!


  3. Poor Harambe was looking after that child. The mother needs to be prosecuted for her neglect. Witnesses said the little shit had been saying he wanted to “swim with the gorillas”. He should have been removed from the area.


  4. I think it’s terrible what happened but it must be nice for all these people to be perfect perfect parents and never have your child go away from you and not see them those who did what it had to do not what it wanted to do


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