Police Investigating Despite Clear Negligence By Parents Of Child Saved By Murdered Gorilla

Cincinnati Police are conducting an investigation on the parents of the young boy whose negligence of their child led to the tragic events that concluded with the senseless death of Harambe the Gorilla who protected the young boy who fell into the gorilla pit.
Even though Cincinnati Police are “closely investigating the facts of the case” it is simple and crystal clear that the young boy’s parents are most certainly guilty of criminal parental negligence of failing to watch over their child.
These events are unacceptable, not only have the parents spoiled their child by putting up with his dangerous over the top adventure but in addition they failed to restrain the zookeepers who shot Harambe unconcerned with the fact their son could have been shot dead along with his gorilla protector!!



The likes of zoos such as this one in Cincinnati are built around a culture of negligence, unaccountability, laziness and cruel pleasure in which several animals like Harambe are forced to suffer, get maimed, injured and killed for no logical reason, all for human entertainment pleasures as well as to bear the burdens of negligent parents who are to lazy restrain their children’s impulses or teach their children to respect the habitat and personal space of these animals!!

If you have a heart for animals such as Harambe suffering everyday in the confines of cramped zoos to satisfy human greedy pleasures and have to live their lives in fear of being killed without any evidence, please join animal embassy at http://www.theanimalembassy.com/ and spread the word so that together we can take a stand to prevent unjust animal deaths, give animals the full rights and freedoms they deserve, make this world a habitat for animals to live free without fear of harm, unnecessary human interference or injustice and put an end to this cruel human exploitation of animals!!




3 thoughts on “Police Investigating Despite Clear Negligence By Parents Of Child Saved By Murdered Gorilla

  1. That Mother was Responsible of watching that child! I call this IGNORANCE on her part! She was TOO BUSY FLITTING AROUND WATCHING THE ANIMALS instead of watching that Brat.I’m so sure this isn’t the first time he pulled this sneaking off trip. She needs some serious classes on parenting skills! NO PARENT SHOULD ALLOW THEIR YOUNG CHILDREN TO RUN AROUND FREELY<ESPECIALLY A ZOO? THERE ARE HARNESSES FOR THESE KIDDOS! IF YOUR TOO BUSY LOOKING AT SOMETHING THAT DISTRACTS YOU SORRY! It just angers me that parents that are so self obsorbed don’t give a second thought about where their child went off to..She’s very Guilty of that Gorillia’s DEATH!


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