Happy Story- Baby Fox Rescued From Drain While Mother Fox Was Waits


From England comes the heartwarming story of the rescue of a baby fox cub by rescue ambulance services and the cub’s reunion with his loving mother!
In a world full of inhumane barbarism towards animals there is still a glimmer of humanity in our species as emphasized by ambulance services devoting their time and recourses to rescue a baby fox cub stuck in a drain pipe!

While many among us would laugh off this attempt as a “waste of time” or “petty” to the ambulance services the case of a baby animal was still a major case and thanks to their devotion and morality this baby fox was safely rescued.
The mother fox’s timely arrival to watch the rescue of her baby cub along with her subsequently guiding her baby back home is proof that just like humans animals too possess a deep love and paternal concern for their offspring!!

There are many animals out there just like this baby fox who need your help so don’t wait please join the animal embassy today at http://www.theanimalembassy.com and spread the word so you can help make the world a safe happy place for every animal!!




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