Zoo Still Making Mistakes That Led To Death Of Harambe

Cincinnati Zoo continues to make the same negligent mistakes which caused the death of Harambe The Gorilla showing how little they care for the lives and wellbeing of animals  forcefully imprisoned within the zoo’s walls! Cincinnati Zoo’s continued negligence of its animals is underscored in which yet another young boy attempts to scale the gorilla enclosure almost succeeding in entering the gorilla pen. Luckily, both the child’s mother and grandfather stepped in to prevent the young child from entering the gorilla pen and rebuke the boy for his uncontrollable impulse.

Mind you now, this gorilla enclosure which the boy tried to scale before being stopped by his watchful relatives is a new reinforced barrier built specially to prevent children from entering the gorilla pen after a child’s penetration of the gorilla pen resulted in the death of the gorilla Harambe. However, as the below picture shows, the gorilla enclosure is far from being a “new reinforced protective barrier.” Rather this so called new gorilla enclosure is very easy for young impulsive children (such the ones pictured below) intent on entering the gorilla pen to climb over!!


Sadly the Cincinnati Zoo is lying through their teeth about more protective measures for gorilla pens and continues to make the same foolish mistakes that led to Harambe’s death. The tragic events that led to Harambe’s senseless death are bound to reoccur due to the zoos negligence and it is sadly not a matter of if but rather it is a matter of when the next gorilla will be senselessly shot dead by callous zookeepers. Cincinnati Zoos has no regard whatsoever for the sanctity or safety of its animals which is why their gorilla enclosures remain unprotected.

This is another disaster waiting to happen and clear criminal negligence!! Will it take the death of a child killed by zookeeper crossfire for people to realize the true criminal nature of Cincinnati Zoo which has no regard whatsoever for the lives gorillas or even human children for that matter?/!

Such negligence by the staff of Cincinnati Zoo is boderline dangerous criminal negligence of both animal and human safety which needs to be addressed!!

Do you seek justice for Harambe and desire the safety & wellbeing of endangered animal species such as Silverback Gorillas exploited by Zoos? Then Please take a stand by joining Animal Embassy at http://animalembassy.weebly.com and Sharing The Word Of This Post to Help Reveal the True Nature of Cincinnati Zoo which is one of Criminal Negligence detrimental to the safety and wellbeing of Animals Suffering within This Zoo’s Confines!!




In Loving Memory Of Harambe, We Miss You!!  


13 thoughts on “Zoo Still Making Mistakes That Led To Death Of Harambe

  1. You’re seriously a sad excuse for an animal rights activist. These zoos have been around for years and no one has fallen in. People need to discipline their children and WATCH them. If they were in New York City and the child ran out in front of a bus and was hit, are we to blame the city for not having more protective measures blocking the street? People need to wise up. Also, gorillas are not “forcefully imprisoned”. They are IUCN listed as critically endangered. This means that there are serious threats to their habitat. So their only real chance at survival is in a zoo. Educate yourself before you start a useless blog.


    • Lisa, as an animal lover and a parent, I know it takes negligence and complacency for a tragedy like that to occur in a Zoo. If the mother was prosecuted, it would have taught the people who supported her that complacency has a price. But the fact is, the mother even though didn’t express any remorse had alot of support and the Prosecutor actually came up with the lamest excuse contradicting himself twice with regards to not forseeing the danger and yet still believes that the 3ft barrier is something a child can climb over. So you see, until the Zoo does a proper risk assessment and implement stronger measures to prevent people from attempting to trespass, this is always going to be a losing battle. Zoos worldwide should reflect on the incidents that has happened and understand that the current generation are people who disregards rules and take things for granted. So what worked in the past may not necessarily be right in the present. Their safety standards must be changed if they insist on operating a Zoo. Personally i believe the animals are safer in a Sanctuary.

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    • Excuse me but they are forcefully imprisoned! They are locked up for profit not conservation. Zoos are not sanctuaries! Having gorillas in the zoo & breeding them for human entertainment is not conservation those gorillas cant go back in the wild. In true sanctuaries they can,because they have limited human interaction. YOU should educate yourself!

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    • OMG you have got to be joking – Gorilla’s are not forcefully imprisoned ?! Really ?! And of course it has happened before … the word btw is got into not fallen into, if they ‘get’ through one fence and then fall in …. then !!! And of course the parents are responsible too. To save a species one does not have to confine them in ZOO’s ! There are proper sanctuaries where they are safe, where they live free from harm in very wild areas. Sanctuaries where they don’t have to put up with shouting kids and stupid parents who don’t teach their kids the right respect and care for animals. Want to teach kids, show them the thousands of amazing documentaries that have been made in the wild. No one learns anything from seeing captive animals. Zoo’s are there for their own $$$ gains firstly. Anything else from the years of experience I have had, shows me to be secondary !

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  2. IMHO. negligence on the part of the parent, because if it had been the lion or tiger enclosure the kid had entered, he would have been gone before security even got there….in addition i saw a photo of Harambe in his final moment standing with the kid by the exit door of the enclosure, apparently waiting for someone to open the door and take the kid……this Zoo should not be allowed to exhibit Gorilla’s after this, not one expert bothered to open the door and call the kid to come over to the door before firing a fatal shot.


  3. Of course the zoo personnel doesn’t believe are at fault, they think it’s ok to kill an animal, they are replaceable to them. These people feel it is their right to dominate animals, to exploit them and use them for their own purposes whatever that might be, in this case, for greed. Zoo’s are antiquated for educational purposes at best from the 18th & 19th centuries before tv, internet and travel was easily accessible. The majority of people in these positions, in Zoo’s, BLM and Fish & Wildlife are all about domination and control, Fish & Wildlife is estimated to kill 200 million animals a year, how can you read this any other way, no respect for the life of an animal. Their mentality is not based on compassion, they are sociopathic, it’s all about what the humans can get out of it, no matter how sadistically cruel or bloody it gets to see and hear an innocent animal die, they sleep at night.

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