You Would Not Believe Why She Does This! Chinese Teacher Travelled 1500 Miles and Spending 1/4 Of Her Salary To Rescue Dogs.


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Meet Ms. Yang Xiayoun retired Chinese School Teacher a Dog Rescue Hero putting all of her time, effort and money on the line to rescue countless Dog’s from China’s annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Ms. Xiayoun aged 65 runs an Animal Shelter based in Tianjin China and has travelled over 2400km (1500 miles) spending over $7000 Yuan (over $1100 or €990) to save 100 dogs from certain torture and death in China!

Ms. Yang Xiayoun runs a shelter called ‘Common Home’ which is home to over 1000 Dogs rescued from Dog Meat Slaughter. The rescued Dogs have faced torture and excess cruelty before being slaughtered for meat a grisly fate the dogs were luckily saved from. Many of these rescued Dogs require medical care which Ms. Xiayoun provides along with food in the form of steam cornbread twice a day and weekend treats which is all she can afford to feed the dogs. Ms. Xiayoun depends on donations and volunteers in order to keep her shelter open.


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However, the ultimate success of Ms. Yang Xiayoun’s Dog Rescue Shelter depends on all of our wholehearted support if China’s Over 10,000 Dogs awaiting slaughter are to be rescued from Yulin! Please sign up today at to join Animal Embassy, spread the word, share this article and contact us to find out how you can better support the dog rescue efforts of Ms. Yang Xiayoun and her dog rescue shelter ‘Common Home’ there is No Time To Lose so Take Action Now!!


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