Family Dedicates To Adopting and Fostering Abandoned Dogs

This power couple family unlike the Palmer family dedicates their wealth and influence to help animals.

Meet Avi Arya from Canada. Avi is a talk show host married to a successful lawyer, Diyva, and runs a talk show online, the Avi Arya Show, with a large following base. His career has resulted in a large network which he intends to use for good whenever possible.


Avi and his family go to dog shelters as often as they can and do one or two things 1) Adopt or Foster a dog or  2) Find the dogs a loving home by matching them with someone who may be a good fit. Avi and his daughters, Raya and Avianna are starting a movement of compassion towards animals by actively connecting shelter dogs with a loving home. As a businessman, Avi meets a lot of people and he asks them from time to time if they are interested in adopting a dog. We all know someone who loves dogs and it all takes a simple ask in order for them to consider taking one on.

Raya and Avianna prefer going to doggy parks over going to buy toys any day and feel like they are in heaven and love being with dogs for hours while speaking to other dog owners and sometimes upset because they seek a certain dog needed some more looking after and often are found giving advice on food and clothing for dogs to inquisitive dog walkers.


Avi’s Daughters Love Dogs ❤ Be Like Avi’s Daughters!

Avi’s wife Diyva who is a successful lawyer practicing immigration is always hard pressed for time in between the kids and meetings etc. but never busy to call on somebody to ask if their dog is or needs help. According to Avi he “personally grew up in a house with 14 dogs and he always loved them never knew life without them spoke to them as sounding boards throughout my life always knew they were my best friends.” Avi is saddened having witnessed his dogs die of old age along the way but Raya and Avianna reassure their father that these former dogs have become their guardian angels.

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Avi truly believes his daughters words, which are therapy for the soul! Inside Avi’s office are his canine co-workers. When Avi’s canine co workers want no one can force them to do anything as the dogs have a mind of their own and they know Avi’s heart melts when they show him their sad face. Avi wants us to know dogs are super smart and are not to be underestimated!

Avijit Singh Arya (#askaviarya family) and his family encourages all of you to open up your hearts and homes to fostering dogs from beaten and traumatized including rescued dogs who were left abandoned for dead! Like Avi please heal these broken dogs and in the process heal yourself. Starting a campaign for positive change, reading books, going to the gym, attending conference is great but try fostering or adopting a dog and your life will change forever! Also for all Dog Lovers, if you want to drop Avijit Singh Arya a line on his Facebook Page At, Avi will always be happy to answer questions you may have regarding all this!!


Ask Avi Anything!

To Provide Avijit Singh Arya additional support and take initiative to combat injustice against dogs: Please Join Animal Embassy At, Contact Us, and Sign The Petition At To Stop the annual Chinese Yulin dog meat festival and save over 10,000 defenseless dogs from slaughter!!


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2 thoughts on “Family Dedicates To Adopting and Fostering Abandoned Dogs

  1. The world definitely needs more people with compassion like this. I crosspost animals in need, mainly those who are urgent and on death row due to space restrictions, most shelters can only hold so many for so long and it’s usually not long…about 72 hours unless it’s a no-kill shelter which are rare. The precious of so many innocent animals are stolen from them thru no fault of their own and they are given up and surrendered for the most obscene of reasons. Please spread the word about the importance and urgency of always adopting from a shelter — never buy from a breeder or pet store.


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