Dog Rescuer Almost Slashed By Machette Welding Dog Seller at Yulin Festival

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It is not easy being an animal guardian as you are facing aggressive adversaries. This animal guardian almost got slashed by a machete wielding dog seller while trying to rescue dogs from the dog meat festival in Yulin, China.


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Do you have the courage the stand against a foe with a machete?


Despite the many petitions and calls for the featival to be cancelled, the Yulin festival is gearing up as tomorrow is the summer solstice. This defiance is attracting a lot of animal lovers hoping to do all they can to rescue dogs. Here’s an update from 毛毛’s movement.

The killing has already started…Shame on you China!
Du Yu Feng, Founder of Bo Ai animal protection centre of GuanGyuan, arrived in Yulin 2 days ago. This is Du’s 5th year at Yulin Please support Du if you are able and keep fighting. Bo Ai (meaning Universal Love) Animal Protection Centre Of Guangyuan.

At the entrance to Yulin’s Dong Market there are cages full of dogs and cats awaiting their death, watching cage mates murdered in front of them, their cries are heartbreaking, the bloody scenes upsetting. The killings have already started. Obviously not wanting the world to see, one of the dealers came out of his stall and threatened our volunteer, Yang Dong, with a machete! Yang quickly ran out of the dealer’s way. He escaped unhurt, but this is what we are up against from people who think their ‘traditional culture’ must be preserved. NO! This is not Chinese culture.
Thank you for your support. — in Yulin, Guangxi.


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Animal lovers, we need to stand up, we need to shout louder and support heroes like Du and Marc who are doing all they can to rescue dogs and cats from China. here’s how you can help:

  1. Educate yourself and read up all the articles on the festival 
  2. help spread the word by getting an awareness Tshirt
  3. Share this article on social media.

Many animal guardians are going there at their own risk and expense to rescue dogs, just by knowing that you’re cheering them on, they’ll be more motivated to do all they can to rescue the animals.


毛毛’s movement

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2 thoughts on “Dog Rescuer Almost Slashed By Machette Welding Dog Seller at Yulin Festival

  1. I have to believe that even though these poor animals suffered so horrificly in life that because of all of us that grieve for them and fight for them give them piece and even comfort as their souls live on thru us.


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