Cruel Cowboy Arrested For Abusing Horse With “22,000 Miles”

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It’s disappointing that some people are still cruel to animals and denying them any form of dignity and respect despite seeing the injuries their actions are causing to the animals. This cowboy views this poor horse as an object and even talking about him like someone would about a car.  Despite the sores and wounds the horse has, the cowboy refused to prove him any medical treatments! outrageous!

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Horrific abuse and fraud! Please share to expose this man and his crimes! Man who tried to ride into Staten Island, New York on horseback denies ‪#‎animal‬ abuse: ‘If you keep pushing them, they’ll push through it’ –

The unrepentant cowboy who trotted his exhausted sore-ridden ‪#‎horses‬ across a Staten Island bridge insisted that he didn’t do anything wrong. “Animals were given to man by God for their use, but people have turned it into where they care more about animals than people,” Tod (Doc) ‪#‎Mishler‬, 80, told investigators. “Horses are strong, when you baby them, they want to be lazy. If you keep pushing them, they’ll push through it.” Mishler rode across the Outerbridge Crossing on Monday in a white cowboy hat, red kerchief and vest. Traffic stopped on the bridge and police detained him and took away his horses. On Tuesday, cops saw the horses tied to a tree near the West Shore Motel in Charleston, without water in almost 80-degree weather, court records show. Veterinarians brought in by cops and the Staten Island Di Hope II, who according to Mishler has been with him for a few years with “16,000 miles on her,” had bloody open sores, where she was rubbed raw from her harness, on both her neck and head, the records show. Vets also found lameness in her right leg due to an untreated infected injury, the records show.strict Attorney’s office examined the horses on Wednesday.

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phone case

Tod (Doc) Mishler was charged with animal cruelty after riding his horses across the Outerbridge Crossing.

Mishler claimed he would have eventually noticed his horses’ injuries and would have given them medicine.

Mishler's horses, Hope and Charity, are suffering from open sores, dehydration and malnutrition.

Mishler agreed to surrender the horses, and they being cared for in a Staten Island facility.

Share below what you think is the right punishment for him. 

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13 thoughts on “Cruel Cowboy Arrested For Abusing Horse With “22,000 Miles”

  1. Hook him up to a wagon, get two easily annoyed drivers with whips. Randomly rough up his skin all over wit some course grade sandpaper with special attention given to all areas under harnesses. Add just a tiny sip of water and a hardy smack on the fanny and it’s goodbye to New York and California here we come!!


  2. “Animals were given to man by God for their use, but people have turned it into where they care more about animals than people,” Backwards cunt, using fairy tales to justify his abuse. The bible is a collection of vile stories from an iron aged death cult. This superstitious cunt needs twenty years inside.

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  3. Evil self centered psychopathic brainless old creep devil!!! Bet he has always been an animal and human abuser! Brain dead and needs severe punishment!!!! Poor innocent horse endured unbelievably painful torture. So sad!!!


  4. This ignorant asshole should not be allowed to repossess these horses nor own any animals ever again! He has shown complete ignorance in how he treats his animals and should be barred from animals for the rest of his life. Those horses should be sent to a sanctuary or adopted out to caring and responsible people.


  5. Abusers are abusers; the same people that abuse animals, abuse people. There needs to be an animal abuser registry and it needs to be enforced. Animal abusers should never be allowed to own an animal again. And they need jail time and a fine. We need to keep fighting for these rights for animals and make ourselves heard! We are alwasy going to have these sick animal abusers in the world and they need to know there will be serious consequences. And we animal lovers must never stop or give up fighting for the humane treatment of animals!


  6. The worst part is that people have allowed this to go on. Almost every city he rides through writes feel good pieces on him, they never bother checking his stories, and seeing how badly he treats his horses. I just don’t understand how he has been allowed to keep this up for as long as he has. I just hope and pray that the N.Y. judge doesn’t allow him to have his horses back.


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