Millions Fooled By Outdated April Fools Joke

Apparently millions have been fooled by an outdated April fools joke originated from the network of rumour mills on the internet. Titus the Albanian Pitbull was painted by his owner (against his will?) and had a picture taken and posted online. The uniqueness of this picture made this story go viral. Because the picture was posted in March, it is not surprising that it was shared on thousands of websites as April fools joke.

Just like the game of telephone, once a message passed a certain number of ears, the message gets blurred up and that just is the case for this Albanian pitbull. While humans have the capacity to discern BS, not everyone stops when they see/hear one because some just find it funny. Just as how a gossip goes out of control in real life, there are always a handful of people who love to gossip and thus rumours like this grow on the internet.

We are know that the internet is full of bs and we know better not to believe but share anyways because it’s funny. Infact here’s an untrue meme people share simply because it’s so stupid it’s funny.


Back to the dog… we all know that canine with cheetah markings doesn’t exist and the grooming table in the background clearly showed that the dog was dyed to look like a leopard using ink. Sadly there are many gullible people who couldn’t recognise a grooming table and believed love, not paint, that produced Titus and added to the rumour wheel.

These gullible people fooled possibly included community managers on Facebook causing their their tens of thousands of followers to be fooled as well and when you add up a couple of those groups you have a couple millions.


This isn’t the first time people were fooled by internet pranks as pictures like the following fooled many people as well on the internet.

Or this picture of Stephen Spielberg sitting next to a dinosaur prop that caused thousands of people outraged because they thought the dinosaur was real.

Even a well known author was fooled as well.

And lastly, this picture that caused a wave of identity thefts because some people thought it was funny and shared causing those who believed it becoming victims to identity theft.

In conclusion, it is important to check your facts before you share.


2 thoughts on “Millions Fooled By Outdated April Fools Joke

  1. Heyy Chill !!! The comments by Joyce and Chris were totally in jest 🙂 BTW it is very irresponsible of Stephen Spielberg to hunt down endangered species of dinosaurs and shamelessly pose with the carcass of someone who was once a sentient being. Really, where are the conservation laws :-p


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