Was Walter Palmer At Republican National Convention Supporting Trump?

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Notice: This article is currently being verified for accuracy. We are awaiting a response from other credible sources.

Notice #2: Major media source, Occupy Democrats, also wrote about the observation but did not confirm or reject whether this was Palmer.  

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The internet is buzzing as footages of a person that resembles the like of Walter Palmer at the Republican National Convention (RNC) was shared to all animal lovers.

cecil the lion killer walter palmer rnc

This man in glasses that looked very similar to Palmer was seen for a few seconds on national TV in the section where the Trump family was seated with other VIPs from Trump’s entourage. It is not a huge surprise why Palmer would be supporting Donald Trump as Trump’s family had ties to trophy hunting where Trump was recorded the following words in a past talk:

“My sons love to hunt. They are members of the NRA, very proudly. I am a big believer in the Second Amendment. But my sons are hunters, Eric is a hunter and I would say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf. My other son, Don, is a hunter. They’re great marksman, great shots, they love it. I um, like golf. I don’t do that.”

While Palmer was away, his Florida home was broken into and a boat was stolen and crashed.

Share in the comments below whether you think this is Walter Palmer or not.

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19 thoughts on “Was Walter Palmer At Republican National Convention Supporting Trump?

  1. I condemn this man for his crime but he can be whatever he wants to be. That is why we live in a Democravy. I would love to see him in jail but not even this current crooked administration did nothing and won’t do nothing.

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    • This current crooked administration?? Who the hell do you think got Puke Palmer off?? That would be the REAL crook wanna be!! Trump’s sons are also murderers!! They are all butt buddies!! Murdering sons a bitches!! They will fry in hell, all of them!!

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    • You realize you have just spit out what Trump wants you to say? Try thinking for yourself… “Crooked” is the chant of Trump. If you were able to come up with your own words I wonder what they would be.

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  2. I am Not Surprised At All! Every Single Person I Have Talked To That Is A Hunter Or Loves The NRA, Is High On Donald Trump. They Love What He Stands For. Which Is Retaliate, Bomb, Kill, Build Walls, Get Rid Of Animal Or Human That He Does NOT Like. Palmer NEEDS An Alliance That Will Support Him To Illegally Kill Another Cecil! #WatchPalmer

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  3. It should come as no surprise that Walter Palmer is a supporter and is supported by that narcissistic personality disorder sufferer, Donald Trump, considering the playtime activities of the Trump sons!

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    • Sorry, in the email that I got, Eric Trump’s picture was circled, then when I clicked on the story, I was able to see Walter Palmer in the right of the picture…my mistake…


      • You’re not wrong, even if you scroll down this page and look in the right column you’ll see the pic with the person you mentioned circled in red.

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  4. Ironically just this am was thinking, hoping the fact that Trumps son is a “great white hunter” would blast headlines to sway voters away from voting for this dangerous man. However knowing he is backed by th nra we know people who feel they are above the law will support him. Lord help this country if this creep is elected!

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  5. How do animal activists that were Trump supporters feel about this??? I would hope it shows them finally what a puke Trump and his sons are!!! Makes sense now why Palmer got off…he’s butt buddies with his mutual murdering friends!!

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    • I’m still waiting for Drumph to pay the legal ills he promised when that sob sucker punched that young manat a rally!!! He’s a fin liar and the most dangerous corrupt evil man, along with those clones he’s produced….please karma…step up now!!!!


  6. this is a deal breaker for me, – up until now, I liked Trump and I thought he could do some good, especially with immigration issues, and ISIL etc, now that Palmer has reared his ugly little head, and his feeble brain, I’m disgusted, totally repulsed, I believe though,that this will affect loss of votes, then again, Trump is so very rich that he will win anyways by buying his way into the presidency

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  7. This is amazing. trump who says he has his finger on the pulse of America does not throw killing for sport in your face. Jr. Trump and his brother are devout trophy killers. That alone should give you an idea about the mentality of a man who says he has compassion for life. This year I can not in good faith vote for a corrupt, lieing, dictatorship party. I can not in good faith vote for a man who condones trophy murder and who obviously has no compassion for the earth we live on or the respect of the millions who rebuke his desire for that position. Therefore, I will be far away from a voting booth on that day in November. Who ever is elected and one of them will be, there will be no blood on my hands for a corrupt lier, killer or a supporter of just plain killing for fun. Let it ride, we don’t live forever and this has no effect on me, to speak of. However it will effect the millennial and the generations that follow. Lots of luck.


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