Young Man Breaks Into Walter Palmer Home And Trashed His Yacht

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When you have international notoriety, even your neighbours will take a chance to shame you. You may remember that lion killer, Walter Palmer has a Florida property. Recently, NBC reported that a young man trespassed onto the property of Lion Killer, Walter Palmer, and stole his boat; taking it on a joy ride. All this happened while Palmer is away attending the Republican Convention. Andrew Derwin, Palmer’s neighbour was spotted riding on Palmer’s boat earlier this week. Neighbours saw the boat flying at 40-50 miles per hour in the no wake zone and reported the police earlier that day. The police charged Derwin with grant theft.

cecil the lion killer walter palmer rnc

Palmer at Republician National Convention

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One of the passengers, Nicolas Stolinas, suffered injuries after police said ‘he made contact with the propeller’ as the boat crashed.



Derwin is being held on a $20,000 bond. His next court appearance is August 15.

Palmer needs to know that what he stole from the world is much worse than the boat his neighbour stole from him. Palmer stole from the world, Cecil the lion, that can never be replaced.

While Cecil’s pride does not encourage any illegal actions, this was not the first time someone took drastic actions against Palmer. A college professor spray painted his sign back in September last year. Many people on the internet are asking around for a lawyer involved with the animal lover community to give him pro-bono legal support.

The animal lover community is stepping up against trophy hunting and grassroot protests are popping up nation wide especially at Washington DC and outside of Palmer’s clinic.

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11 thoughts on “Young Man Breaks Into Walter Palmer Home And Trashed His Yacht

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  2. I’m not eally into vandalism, but as this beastly dentist is rather proud of what he did, I’m glad that man vandalised his stupid boat. Again, much as I am against any kind of violence, sometimes signing petitions and holding demonstrations isn’t enough. Palmer really IS scum and I’m sorry he didn’t have to close his practice for lack of patients.


  3. Stupid Palm . He deserves jail until his pathetic years he has left . Better death but it won’t return our Cecil and our fellow animals he murdered


  4. This was an inconvenience for WP, his insurance will pay for damages, he will probably upgrade his yacht so it’s capable of killing endangered whales, dolphins and other large sea life.
    The fact he’s at the RNC means nothing, there are millions of people who are pro 2A that have no desire to take a life that doesn’t belong to them. Hunters are a group of people that think it’s their “God given right” to kill animals but they forget two things, God never says we have “rights” in the bible at all, and second He said Not to Kill, this was not a multiple choice commandment, do not kill means do not kill period. It is man who allows the legality of killing animals, not God.


  5. I am a Republican…I dare anyone say that I am a ‘monster’ to the animal world because of that…people grow up and leave POLITICS out of the fight it only harms what you are trying to fix!!!! Our whole govern’t is a lie..both parties just some more than others. Put efforts into fixing the problems in this country and there are many…make an example of how we care for our animals to the world…get rid of the horrible dog fighting, cock fighting, tripping young foals and burros….the BOG Loop rodeos, finally after all these years something has become of the spring of horses for what…a fancy show of ‘robber’ barons..the ‘elites’. There are laws already on the books…demand that they be enforced from harming cats and dogs to the biggest in our captive zoos. Being a ‘criminal’ only makes one look bad and takes away from the main purpose!!! If you concentrate on making these laws work you will save time and animals lives while working on legislation to make thing better…I know as I feel that every animal deserves to live in comfort and care. I also know that animals in many cases are meant to feed humans…you are not going to change that but that doesn’t mean that animal cannot be raised in excellent conditions and killed humanly. One of the biggest feed lots operations in our area that is very ‘rich’ and they have some good programs BUT the care of their animals in the form of proper cover and bedding in bad weather needs immediate attention. Sale yards where livestock are sold need supervision in the way they handle animals that come in to bed sold…I could go on and on. I am a rancher and have raised numbers animals in my lifetime…they deserve the best when they are living as they are your profit or loss and whether you have a good year or a bad. Animal groups would get further with the rest of the world if they concentrated on non violent and legal means. JMO


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