Thousands Impacted by Cecil 2016 – Watch Recordings Here

This past weekend, the much anticipated rally against trophy hunting, Cecil2016 took place at Washington DC. Despite the rain during some parts of the rally, thousands participated online through livestreaming or physically outside the Washington Memorial.

Facebook statistics has reported that the rally at its peak had a reach of 160,000 people on Facebook. The rally featured a lineup of influencers and heroes including Brent Stapelkamp the researcher who studied Cecil the Lion for years; Beau Davidson who led the entertainment; Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, an active voice in the government, Project Cecil Save 1 for me kids and many more.


In Brent’s presentation, he spoke on the reality in the fight against trophy hunting. How many people do not understand the impacts of trophy hunting and how he is serving as an ambassador for the lions to the locals and government bodies.


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