Person With Walter Palmer Resemblance Sparked A Huge Debate On Whether Palmer Was At The Republican National Convention.

Remember this image that went all over the internet last week?


A lot of people aren’t sure whether this was Walter Palmer or not.

While Snopes have remained silent on this matter, major websites like Occupy Democrats said that it could be him while other online activists like @anonorpheus did some in depth analysis to see if this man is truly Palmer in his finding.


This guy (let’s call him mr. X for now) is NOT sitting next to the Trump’s but just walking by.

I must admit, he really does look a lot like Walter Palmer indeed..


First I placed both heads together to make a visual comparisation:

–> Different shape of forehead.

–> Different nose.

–> Different hair.

–> Different neck-skin.

–> Man on left wears some sort of ear-piece.

–> Different ear.


Next thing was to overlay both heads with 50% transparancy;

This sure looks legit and fitting, but keep in mind that the top-layer (Walter) was re-shaped in order to fit the underlaying head.

What I noticed here was;

– same mouth

– different shape of rear head

Something about the ear…

So I made a close-up comparisation of the ears;

We see here that the shape of the inner upper part of the ears is NOT the same shape.

A human ear is like a fingerprint, by the way.


The guy on the video has a lot less wrinkles in his face then Walter, but people said it was possible he had visited a plastic surgeon.

Only a couple weeks ago there was a recent photo of Walter released;

We clearly see he still has his wrinkles here..



– shape of forehead

– shape of nose

– upper inside of ear

– wrinkles

– wrinkles around eye

– shape of hairline

– shape of back of the head

– wrinkles around the cheek

– way in which neck-skin forms

– length of hair (minor evidence)

– different glasses (minor evidence)


The guy in the CNN video is NOT Walter James Palmer, but a security guard of some type as he clearly

wears some sort of earpiece used to communicate.

The guy in the suit also wears a pin which looks like a secret service type of pin (difficult to enhance).

NOTICE: This is my personal opinion based on the above facts.


I’m fairly impressed with his investigation.

Tell us in the comments below, do you think it’s him? Can the Trump family be trusted? Do you think he has any ties with the Trump family.




5 thoughts on “Person With Walter Palmer Resemblance Sparked A Huge Debate On Whether Palmer Was At The Republican National Convention.

  1. This is NOT Walter Palmer…do some research…his is SS. Don’t make something up that isn’t so and ruin our chances of having a different and better America from all the lies and BS…Donald Trump did not kill any animals and since his children are of age they can do what the damn well please without his approval period! And NO I do not believe in ‘canned’ hunting of any type in fact I don’t believe there is any reason to hunt except for survival today. And yes I love and cherish ALL animal life…I believe that WE as human beings were put here to take great care of that we were given…we have failed. But instead of condemning everyone for something they did wrong get out there and educate in a manner that will benefit not hurt your cause. The more you push your agenda on people with ridiculous expectation and accusations the further it hurts it does not help….if your really care then stop the BS and educate those that can be turned around….otherwise you are wasting time and animals lives!!!


    • Actually he SUPPORTS the killing and torture of animals by wearing fur. His entire family wears fur. Stop defending him! He also doesn’t give a sh*t about the plight of circus elephants. he has NO issues to help animals whatsoever except he WILL put his son in charge of interior and his son said he will FIGHT ARA”S in court to stop us from filing claims! So really? YOU should shut up! #DumpTrump


  2. I DO think Walter Palmer and the Trumps could have some involvement, as Trump has involvement with all the BAD people! Its a damn close match for it not to be him. lol Nothing from these opinions proved anything.


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