Puppy destined to be boiled alive – rescued

We are so happy to introduce you all to our newest little Angel! Last week Renee adopted this little pup from Wags and Walks here in LA who had received 6 puppies total from famed South Korean dog activist and super woman Nami Kim. Nami has rescued over 1000 dogs in the past few years while shutting down dog meat farms and doing a tremendous job protesting and meeting with officials in attempts to get dogs removed from the list as ‘livestock’ and fighting for the enforcement of Korean law which clearly states that no dog may be tortured prior to slaughter. She has single handedly sent over 400 rescued dogs to fellow activists and dog lovers here in the US and having just shut down another dog meat farm with 300 dogs surely a lot more will follow.

It’s estimated that there are over 17,000 dog meat farms in South Korea and that over 2 million dogs are tortured and brutally slaughtered there every year. In the aftermath of this years horrific Yulin (China) dog meat festival which went ahead despite over 11 million signatures worldwide and countless protests to stop it, the Korean 3 month long ‘dog eating tradition’ called Boknal has received even greater opposition and furor in the form of worldwide protests and petitions. We participated in 2 protests here in LA at the Korean Consulate resulting in a meeting with the Consulate General who promised to relay our frustrations and anger to his superior in Korea urging him to push to get their animal protection laws enforced and stop the torture of dogs prior to slaughter. The cultural belief is that the more the dogs suffer the more tender the meat and the better it can ‘cool down’ the body in the hot summer months. It’s hard to fathom that anyone can even think of purposedly harming this gentle animal that has been by our side for thousands of years helping us, protecting us and keeping us company with unconditional love. The belief in Korea, where many have pet dogs, is that this breed (Jindo) is not like them but only good as a ‘meat dog’. This is of course utter nonsense and yet among the older generations it’s a common belief. If this makes your stomach turn and gives you nightmares like it does me please consider joining a protest in your town (or create one!) and sign all petitions regarding the dog meat trade. You can help Nami Kim by donating or adopting one of her rescued pups here: http://savekoreandogs.org

As a follow up to my last blog (my interview with Marc Ching) I can confirm that he now has established 5 safe houses in China and is rehabilitating about 500 dogs. He has brought the first handful over which are available for adoption at his Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in Sherman Oaks, California. We have created a t-shirt campaign solely to help raise funds for him which you can view in the link below.


Written by Ines Romero of Cecil’s Angels



Journalist Jane Velez Mitchell came to both protests and did a fantastic job with Facebook Live reports which all received around 25k views.


Protest coordinator Christina Snyder and I protesting loudly!


Signs were provided by Last Chance for Animals at both protests.


Even tho it was about 90 degrees there were over 80 people at the first protest.


We got on several news reports and in the Korean Daily also.





The other lucky 5 that came in with our Angel from South Korea to Wags and Walks last week.


Renee’s kitty Hercules is checking out his new little brother with great interest.


Wags and Walks provided some great new toys but he didn’t know how to play at first..


Our first group shot with our new little Angel!


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