Domestic Pets Forced To Perform Stressful Tricks

While elephants are finding freedom from being forced to perform in the US, someone pointed out to us that there are some humans out there who force their dogs to endure a similar level of stress elephants endured to perform tricks like tight rope walking and surfing on a chain.

You could imagine the amount of beating that probably took place as humans can’t balance on chains let alone dogs balance on two legs on it.


You could imagine how much stress the dog must be enduring to pull off a stunt like this for the owner to show off on youtube and rake in prize money taking them to dog shows. Is it ethical to force pets to perform for human’s entertainment?

Share in the comments below what you think of this form of invisible abuse.


8 thoughts on “Domestic Pets Forced To Perform Stressful Tricks

  1. This is absurd for pets to perform on command tricks, or acts for people. They love us but forcing them to perform on demand is truly sad. These sentient animals should be loved unconditionally just as they love us. Leave them out of the cruel “entertainment” business. There isn’t any difference between them and wild animals. Sincerely yours, Dr. Marilyn Williams


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