This page is an opensourced/crowdsourced activist page to raise awareness and curate news about poaching and animal abuses. Named in honour of Cecil the Lion of Zimbabwe that was brutally murdered early July 2015 by American Dentist, Walter Palmer. This website will be highlighting different news stories and sharing community efforts people are taking on to put an end to poaching.

Stats about us:

Views per week- 30,000
Visitors per week- 15,000
Readers- 14,000
Contributors- 7 (we’re looking for more, join us!)

Call for writers

What is Opensource/Crowdsource:

Similar to how Wikipedia, Occupy and Anonymous, we believe that everybody has a gift and talent and can contribute to our movement. We know that the loss of Cecil the Lion has affected many of us and we want to invite everyone to take part in this movement. If you are passionate about a particular topic, eg. elephants, we invite you to start writing about elephants and educate our community. We are looking for writers, designers, reporters, movers & shakers , activists, event planners to join our ranks and make this movement last.

cecils tribe

What is Citizen Reporting:

The rise of the internet and social media allows everyone to speak out and conduct their own findings on different issues. No longer do we have to listen to the biased news agencies speaking their news with baises. Our crowdsourcing platform allows passionate animal lovers to share their opinions and findings to the world.

Why are there ads?

We hate ads as much as you do and would love to get rid of them but somebody has to pay for the server costs (especially when we’re using up a lot of bandwidth). We do our best to ensure ethical groups and organizations are featured on our website. If you are an ethical business or non profit that wants to have your ad featured on our site, please send us an email at editor.cecilspride@gmail.com

14 thoughts on “About

      • If it could be as a share with you, what I post here, that is related to your site, that would be wonderful.
        I am spending much time on trips back and forth for cancer surgeries right now, so my time is quite limited.
        Please let me know what you think?

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  1. My drug addict neighbor stole my 16 yr. old cat Baby’s been gone 2 months now can you help me Anonymous her name is Maryann Carter her # 617 888 7974 she lives at 15 Roseland St Dorchester Mass my cat lived here all her life this is the only place she knows the witch won’t tell me what happened to her !!!!


  2. If the law enforcement agencies go without prosecuting this ABUSED dog owner that was starved by his hands then we have a BIG PROBLEM . He needs time in jail and 5 – 10 years is not enough but we need to start somewhere. If we keep leaving this problem continue then we will never see end results. Do t he crime do he time.


  3. I was at the Cecil Rally in Washington DC on Saturday and I was disappointed that the crowd was so small. Did word of the rally not get out or what?


    • What happened was that it was no longer trendy to show up and tell people all animals must be coddled like newborn babies. The cameras stopped coming to these things, so the media whores stopped showing up. Those who are so enraged about lion hunting in Zimbabwe aren’t as numerous as you’d like to think. Sorry.


  4. You had a lot of traffic for a while, but I guess all the animal abuses and atrocities have been corrected since this website has gone silent. Well done.


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